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12019Anomalous concentrations of arsenic, fluoride and radon in volcanic-sedimentary aquifers from central Italy: Quality indexes for management of the water resourceCinti, Daniele* ; Vaselli, Orlando* ; Poncia, P. P.* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Tassi, F.* 
218-Jun-2008Coeval strombolian and vulcanian-type explosive eruptions at Panarea (Aeolian Islands, Southern Italy)Cimarelli, C.* ; De Rita, D.* ; Dolfi, D.* ; Procesi, M.* 
3Dec-2011Densely populated settings: the challenge of siting geological facilities for deep geothermics, CO2 and natural gas storage, and radioactive waste disposal Underground Coexistence and Synergies for a Sound Energy Mix in the Post-Kyoto EraQuattrocchi, F.* ; Mele, G.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Sciarra, A.* ; Nardi, S.* ; Boschi, E.* 
45-May-2016Enrichment in Heavy Metal (HM) and Rare Earth Element (REE) in Fluvial Placer Deposits: Case Study of Zambesi River (Mozambique)Marin, Emanuela* ; Vaccaro, Carmela* ; Di Giuseppe, Dario* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Zarlenga, Francesco* 
52018Evaluation of the Theoretical Geothermal Potential of Inferred Geothermal Reservoirs within the Vicano–Cimino and the Sabatini Volcanic Districts (Central Italy) by the Application of the Volume MethodCinti, Daniele* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Poncia, Pier Paolo* 
62014Fluid geochemistry and geothermometry in the unexploited geothermal field of the Vicano-Cimino volcanic district (central Italy)Cinti, D.* ; Tassi, F.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Bonini, M.* ; Capecchiacci, F.* ; Voltattorni, N.* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
72011Fluid geochemistry and geothermometry in the western sector of the Sabatini Volcanic District and the Tolfa Mountains (Central Italy)Cinti, D.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Tassi, F.* ; Montegrossi, G.* ; Sciarra, A.* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
824-Mar-2011The geo-database of caprock quality and deep saline aquifers distribution for geological storage of CO2 in ItalyButtinelli, M.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* ; Boschi, E.* 
9Sep-2017Geochemistry of hydrothermal fluids from the eastern sector of the Sabatini Volcanic District (central Italy)Cinti, Daniele* ; Tassi, F.* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* ; Cabassi, J.* ; Capecchiacci, F.* ; Delgado Huertas, A.* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Voltattorni, Nunzia* 
102013Geochemistry of shallow aquifers and soil gas surveys in a feasibility study at the Rivara natural gas storage site (Po Plain, Northern Italy)Sciarra, A.* ; Cinti, D.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Voltattorni, N.* ; Mecozzi, S.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
112013Geostatistical techniques application to dissolved radon hazard mapping: an example from the western sector of the Sabatini Volcanic District and the Tolfa Mountains (central Italy)Cinti, D* ; Poncia, P.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Galli, G.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
122015Geothermal favourability mapping by advanced geospatial overlay analysis: Tuscany case study (Italy)Procesi, Monia* ; Buttinelli, Mauro* ; Pignone, Maurizio* 
132016Groundwater of RomeLa Vigna, F.* ; Mazza, R.* ; Amanti, M.* ; Di Salvo, C.* ; Petitta, M.* ; Pizzino, Luca* ; Pietrosante, A.* ; Martarelli, L.* ; Bonfà, I.* ; Capelli, G.* ; Cinti, Daniele* ; Ciotoli, F.* ; Ciotoli, G.* ; Conte, G.* ; Del Bon, A.* ; Dimasi, M.* ; Falcetti, S.* ; Gafà, R.M.* ; Lacchini, A.* ; Mancini, M.* ; Martelli, S.* ; Mastrorillo, L.* ; Monti, G.M.* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Roma, M.* ; Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Silvi, A.* ; Stigliano, F.* ; Succhiarelli, C.* 
142013Synergic and conflicting issues in planning underground use to produce energy in densely populated countries, as Italy Geological storage of CO2, natural gas, geothermics and nuclear waste disposalQuattrocchi, F.* ; Boschi, E.* ; Spena, A.* ; Buttinelli, M.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Procesi, M.* 
152019Systematic review of geochemical data from thermal springs, gas vents and fumaroles of Southern Italy for geothermal favourability mappingMinissale, Angelo* ; Donato, Assunta* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Pizzino, Luca* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* 
167-Jun-2018Widespread abiotic methane in chromititesEtiope, Giuseppe* ; Ifandi, E.* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Tsikouras, B.* ; Ventura, Guido* ; Steele, Andrew* ; Tardini, Roberto* ; Szatmari, P.*