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Pappalardo, Lucia
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12004The 3550 year BP-1944 A.D.magma-plumbing system of Somma-Vesuvius: constraints on its behaviour and present state through a review of Sr-Nd isotope dataPappalardo, L.* ; Piochi, M.* ; Mastrolorenzo, G.* 
21999The Agnano–Monte Spina eruption 4100 years BP/ in the restless Campi Flegrei caldera Italyde Vita, S.* ; Orsi, G.* ; Civetta, L.* ; Carandente, A.* ; D’Antonio, M.* ; Deino, A.* ; di Cesare, T.* ; Di Vito, M. A.* ; Fisher, R.V.* ; Isaia, R.* ; Marotta, E.* ; Necco, A.* ; Ort, M.* ; Pappalardo, L.* ; Piochi, M.* ; Southon, J.* 
32006The Avellino 3780-yr-B.P. catastrophe as a worst-case scenario for a future eruption at VesuviusMastrolorenzo, G.* ; Petrone, P.* ; Pappalardo, L.* ; Sheridam, M. F.* 
42007The Campanian Ignimbrite (southern Italy) geochemical zoning: insight on the generation of a super-eruption from catastrophic differentiation and fast withdrawalPappalardo, L.* ; Ottolini, L.* ; Mastrolorenzo, G.* 
52018Combining textural and geochemical investigations to explore the dynamics of magma ascent during Plinian eruptions: a Somma–Vesuvius volcano (Italy) case studyPappalardo, Lucia* ; Buono, Gianmarco* ; Fanara, Sara* ; Petrosino, P.* 
62014Crystallization and eruption ages of Breccia Museo (Campi Flegrei caldera, Italy) plutonic clasts and their relation to the Campanian ignimbriteGebauer, S. K.* ; Schmitt, A. K.* ; Pappalardo, L.* ; Stockli, D. F.* ; Lovera, O. M.* 
7Aug-2004Geochemical and isotopical variations within the Campanian Comagmatic Province: implications on magma source compositionPiochi, M.* ; Pappalardo, L.* ; De Astis, G.* 
82015The geological CO2degassing history of a long-lived calderaChiodini, Giovanni* ; Pappalardo, Lucia* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Caliro, Stefano* 
92010Hazard assessment of explosive volcanism at Somma‐VesuviusMastrolorenzo, G.* ; Pappalardo, L.* 
102016The last Vesuvius eruption in March 1944: reconstruction of the eruptive dynamic and its impact on the environment and people through witness reports and volcanological evidenceCubellis, Elena* ; Marturano, Aldo* ; Pappalardo, Lucia* 
11Oct-2013Le ceneri distali dell’eruzione del Vesuvio del marzo 1944 raccolte a Devoli (Albania).Cubellis, E.* ; Marturano, A.* ; Pappalardo, L.* 
12Jun-2010Lethal Thermal Impact at Periphery of Pyroclastic Surges: Evidences at PompeiiMastrolorenzo, G.* ; Petrone, P.* ; Pappalardo, L.* ; Guarino, F. M.* 
13Mar-2014L’eruzione del Vesuvio del marzo 1944: testimonianze e lettura scientifica dell’eventoCubellis, E.* ; Marturano, A.* ; Pappalardo, L.* 
142005Magma ascent and eruptive processes from textural and compositional features of Monte Nuovo pyroclastic products, Campi Flegrei, ItalyPiochi, M.* ; Mastrolorenzo, G.* ; Pappalardo, L.* 
152006Magma degassing and crystallization processes during eruptions of high-risk Neapolitan-volcanoes: Evidence of common equilibrium rising processes in alkaline magmasMastrolorenzo, G.* ; Pappalardo, L.* 
169-Sep-2014Petrological and seismic precursors of the paroxysmal phase of the last Vesuvius eruption on March 1944Pappalardo, L.* ; D'Auria, L.* ; Cavallo, A.* ; Fiore, S.* 
171999The present state of the magmatic system of the Campi Flegrei caldera based on a reconstruction of its behavior in the past 12 kaD’Antonio, M.* ; Civetta, L.* ; Orsi, G.* ; Pappalardo, L.* ; Piochi, M.* ; Carandente, A.* ; de Vita, S.* ; Di Vito, M. A.* ; Isaia, R.* 
182008Probabilistic tephra hazard maps for the Neapolitan area: Quantitative volcanological study of Campi Flegrei eruptionsMastrolorenzo, G.* ; Pappalardo, L.* ; Troise, C.* ; Panizza, A.* ; De Natale, G.* 
192017Probabilistic-numerical assessment of pyroclastic current hazard at Campi Flegrei and Naples city: Multi-VEI scenarios as a tool for "full-scale" risk managementMastrolorenzo, Giuseppe* ; Palladino, Danilo M* ; Pappalardo, Lucia* ; Rossano, Sergio* 
202004Procida volcanic history: new insights into the evolution of the Phlegraean Volcanic District (Campania region, Italy)De Astis, G.* ; Pappalardo, L.* ; Piochi, M.*