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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2001Analysing and combining atmospheric general circulation model simulations forced by prescribed SST: tropical responseMoron, V.* ; Navarra, A.* ; Ward, M. N.* ; Folland, C. K.* ; Friederichs, P.* ; Maynard, K.* ; Polcher, J.* 
2Aug-2001Analysing and combining atmospheric general circulation model simulations forced by prescribed SST: northern extratropical responseMoron, V.* ; Navarra, A.* ; Ward, M. N.* ; Folland, C. K.* ; Friederichs, P.* ; Maynard, K.* ; Polcher, J.* 
32003Analysis of the mid-latitude weather regimes in the 200-year control integration of the SINTEX modelCorti, S.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Navarra, A.* 
42003Assessment of the tropical Indo-Pacific climate in the SINTEX CGCMGualdi, S.* ; Navarra, A.* ; Guilyardi, E.* ; Delecluse, P.* 
5Apr-2008Atmospheric horizontal resolution affects tropical climate variability in coupled modelsNavarra, A.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Masina, S.* ; Behera, S.* ; Luo, J.-J.* ; Masson, S.* ; Guilyardi, E.* ; Delecluse, P.* ; Yamagata, T.* 
62011Baroclinic Stationary Waves in Aquaplanet ModelsZappa, G.* ; Lucarini, V.* ; Navarra, A.* 
715-Oct-2008Changes in Tropical Cyclone Activity due to Global Warming: Results from a High-Resolution Coupled General Circulation Model.Gualdi, S.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Navarra, A.* 
82013The CIRCE simulations: Regional Climate Change Projections with Realistic Representation of the Mediterranean SeaGualdi, S.* ; Somot, L.* ; Li, L.* ; Artale, V.* ; Adani, M.* ; Bellucci, A.* ; Braun, A.* ; Calmanti, S.* ; Carillo, A.* ; Dell'Aquila, A.* ; Deque, M.* ; Dubois, C.* ; Elizade, A.* ; Harzallah, A.* ; Jacob, D.* ; L'Hévéder, D.* ; May, W.* ; Oddo, P.* ; Ruti, P.* ; Sanna, A.* ; Sannino, G.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Savault, F.* ; Navarra, A.* 
912-Dec-2009The CLIVAR C20C Project: Which components of the Asian-Australian monsoon circulation variations are forced and reproducible?Zhou, T.* ; Wu, B.* ; Scaife, A.* ; Bronnimann, S.* ; Cherchi, A.* ; Feredey, D.* ; Folland, C. K.* ; Jin, K. E.* ; Kinter, J.* ; Knight, J. R.* ; Kucharski, F.* ; Kusunoki, S.* ; Lau, N. C.* ; Li, L.* ; Nath, M. J.* ; Nakaegawa, T.* ; Navarra, A.* ; Pegion, P.* ; Rozanov, E.* ; Schubert, S.* ; Spryshev, P.* ; Voldoire, A..* ; Wen, X.* ; Yoon, J. H.* ; Zeng, N.* 
10Mar-2013Decadal climate predictions with a coupled OAGCM initialized with oceanic reanalysesBellucci, A.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Masina, S.* ; Storto, A.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Cagnazzo, C.* ; Fogli, P.G.* ; Manzini, E.* ; Navarra, A.* 
112007A Diagnostic Study of the Indian Ocean Dipole Mode in El Nino and Non- El Nino YearsLee Drbohlav, H. K.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Navarra, A.* 
122010The double-ITCZ syndrome in coupled general circulation models: the role of large-scale vertical circulation regimesBellucci, A.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Navarra, A.* 
13Jul-2011Effects of increased CO2 levels on monsoonsCherchi, A.* ; Alessandri, A.* ; Masina, S.* ; Navarra, A.* 
1415-Jan-2007Effects of Land-Surface-Vegetation on theboreal summer surface climate of a GCMAlessandri, A.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Polcher, J.* ; Navarra, A.* 
15Aug-2011Effects of Tropical Cyclones on Ocean Heat Transport in a High-Resolution Coupled General Circulation ModelScoccimarro, E.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Bellucci, A.* ; Sanna, A.* ; Fogli, P. G.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Oddo, P.* ; Navarra, A.* 
1629-Feb-2012ENSO and its effects on the atmospheric heating processesMiyakoda, K.* ; Cherchi, A.* ; Navarra, A.* ; Masina, S.* ; Ploshay, J.* 
172-Jun-2017The ENSO Transition ProbabilitiesConti, G.* ; Navarra, Antonio* ; Tribbia, J.* 
182017From weather to ocean predictions: an historical viewpointPinardi, Nadia* ; Cavaleri, L.* ; Coppini, Giovanni* ; De Mey, P.* ; Fratianni, Claudia* ; Huthnance, J.* ; Lermusiaux, P. F. J.* ; Navarra, Antonio* ; Preller, R.* ; Tibaldi, S.* 
19Jan-2007A generalized model of pelagic biogeochemistry for the global ocean ecosystem. Part II: Numerical simulationsVichi, M.* ; Masina, S.* ; Navarra, A.* 
20Sep-2011Global ocean re-analyses for climate applicationsMasina, S.* ; Di Pietro, P.* ; Storto, A.* ; Navarra, A.*