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Luongo, Giuseppe
Luongo, G.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2020Contribution to knowledge regarding the sources of earthquakes on the island of Ischia (Southern Italy)Cubellis, Elena* ; Luongo, Giuseppe* ; Obrizzo, Francesco* ; Sepe, Vincenzo* ; Tammaro, Umberto* 
22017Cultural climate in Naples between the birth and development of volcanologyObrizzo, Francesco* ; Luongo, Giuseppe* ; Cubellis, Elena* 
31993Identification of seismogenic areas in the Southern Appennines, ItalyAlessio, G.* ; Esposito, E.* ; Gorini, A.* ; Luongo, G.* ; Porfido, S.* 
41993Macroseismic data: present limits and future possibilitiesLuongo, G.* ; Marturano, A.* ; Rinaldis, V.* 
52004Management of Historical Seismic Data Using GIS: The Island of Ischia (Southern Italy)Cubellis, E.* ; Carlino, S.* ; Iannuzzi, R.* ; Luongo, G.* ; Obrizzo, F.* 
6Oct-1997On the clustering of seismicity in the Southern Tyrrhenian areaLuongo, G.* ; Mazzarella, A.* 
72006On the mechanics of caldera resurgence of Ischia Island (southern Italy)Carlino, S.* ; Cubellis, E.* ; Luongo, G.* ; Obrizzo, F.* 
82005Power Laws Governing Historical Earthquakes in the Apennine Chain (Southern Italy)Cubellis, E.* ; Luongo, G.* ; Marturano, A.* ; Mazzarella, A.* ; Obrizzo, F.* 
92007Seismic hazard assessment at Mt. Vesuvius: Maximum expected magnitudeCubellis, E.* ; Luongo, G.* ; Marturano, A.* 
102005Volcanic spreading of Vesuvius, a new paradigm for interpreting its volcanic activityBorgia, A.* ; Tizzani, P.* ; Solaro, G.* ; Manzo, M.* ; Casu, F.* ; Luongo, G.* ; Pepe, A.* ; Berardino, P.* ; Fornaro, G.* ; Sansosti, E.* ; Ricciardi, G. P.* ; Fusi, N.* ; Di Donna, G.* ; Lanari, R.*