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1Nov-2011The 2009 paroxysmal explosions at Stromboli (Italy): magma mixing and eruption dynamicsLa Felice, S.* ; Landi, P.* 
2Aug-2005Changes in eruptive style during the A.D. 1538 Monte Nuovo eruption (Phlegrean Fields, Italy): the role of syn-eruptive crystallizationD'Oriano, C.* ; Poggianti, E.* ; Bertagnini, A.* ; Cioni, R.* ; Landi, P.* ; Polacci, M.* ; Rosi, M.* 
328-May-2015Cooling and crystallization recorded in trachytic enclaves hosted in pantelleritic magmas (Pantelleria, Italy): Implications for pantellerite petrogenesisLandi, P.* ; Rotolo, S.* 
42018Correction to: CrystalMom: a new model for the evolution of crystal size distributions in magmas with the quadrature-based method of momentsColucci, Simone* ; de' Michieli Vitturi, Mattia* ; Landi, Patrizia* 
5Jun-2020Crystallization Kinetics of Alkali Feldspar in Peralkaline Rhyolitic Melts: Implications for Pantelleria VolcanoArzilli, Fabio* ; Stabile, Paola* ; Fabbrizio, Alessandro* ; Landi, Patrizia* ; Scaillet, Bruno* ; Paris, Eleonora* ; Carroll, Michael R* 
62017CrystalMoM: a new model for the evolution of crystal size distributions in magmas with the quadrature-based method of momentsColucci, Simone* ; de' Michieli Vitturi, Mattia* ; Landi, Patrizia* 
72006The December 2002–July 2003 effusive event at Stromboli volcano, Italy: Insights into the shallow plumbing system by petrochemical studiesLandi, P.* ; Francalanci, L.* ; Pompilio, M.* ; Rosi, M.* ; Corsaro, R. A.* ; Petrone, C. M.* ; Nardini, I.* ; Miraglia, L.* 
82019Deciphering textural and chemical zoning of K-feldspar megacrysts from Mt. Amiata Volcano (Southern Tuscany, Italy): Insights into the petrogenesis and abnormal crystal growthLandi, Patrizia* ; La Felice, Sonia* ; Petrelli, Maurizio* ; Vezzoli, Luigina* ; Principe, Claudia* 
9Aug-2009Dissolution/crystallization kinetics recorded in the 2002–2003 lavas of Stromboli (Italy)Fornaciai, A.* ; Landi, P.* ; Armenti, P.* 
102012Evidence of basaltic magma intrusions in a trachytic magma chamber at Pantelleria (Italy)Romengo, N.* ; Landi, P.* ; Rotolo, S. G.* 
112007Geology and petrochemistry of the recent (<25 ka) silicic volcanism at Pantelleria IslandRotolo, Silvio Giuseppe* ; La Felice, S.* ; Mangalaviti, A.* ; Landi, P.* 
1226-Apr-2011Integrated petrochemical and geophysical data reveals thermal distribution of the feeding conduits at Stromboli volcano, ItalyLandi, P.* ; Marchetti, E.* ; La Felice, S.* ; Ripepe, M.* ; Rosi, M.* 
134-Mar-2013Kinetics of crystal evolution as a probe to magmatism at Stromboli (Aeolian Archipelago, Italy)Agostini, C.* ; Fortunati, A.* ; Arzilli, F.* ; Landi, P.* ; Carroll, M. R.* 
142015Late Pleistocene-Holocene volcanic activity in northern Victoria Land recorded in Ross Sea (Antarctica) marine sediments.Del Carlo, P.* ; Di Roberto, A.* ; Di Vincenzo, G.* ; Bertagnini, A.* ; Landi, P.* ; Pompilio, M.* ; Colizza, E.* ; Giordano, G.* 
15Apr-2010A LiDAR survey of Stromboli volcano (Italy): Digital elevation model-based geomorphology and intensity analysisFornaciai, A.* ; Bisson, M.* ; Mazzarini, F.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* ; Landi, P.* 
16Nov-2009Magma dynamics during the 2007 Stromboli eruption (Aeolian Islands. Italy): mineralogical, geochemical and isotopic dataLandi, P.* ; Corsaro, R. A.* ; Francalanci, L.* ; Civetta, L.* ; Miraglia, L.* ; Pompilio, M.* ; Tesoro, R.* 
17Sep-2017Magmatic processes revealed by anorthoclase textures and trace element modeling: The case of the Lajes Ignimbrite eruption (Terceira Island, Azores)D'Oriano, Claudia* ; Landi, Patrizia* ; Pimentel, Adriano* ; Zanon, Vittorio* 
1815-Oct-2020Major explosions and paroxysms at Stromboli (Italy): a new historical catalog and temporal models of occurrence with uncertainty quantificationBevilacqua, Andrea* ; Bertagnini, Antonella* ; Pompilio, Massimo* ; Landi, Patrizia* ; Del Carlo, Paola* ; Di Roberto, Alessio* ; Aspinall, Willy* ; Neri, Augusto* 
192016A novel protocol for resolving feldspar crystals in synchrotron X-ray microtomographic images of crystallized natural magmas and synthetic analogsArzilli, Fabio* ; Polacci, Margherita* ; Landi, Patrizia* ; Giordano, Daniele* ; Baker, Don R* ; Mancini, Lucia* 
202020The Onano eruption (Latera volcano, Central Italy): an example of magma mixing/mingling as dominant process in a caldera-forming eruptionLandi, Patrizia* ; D'Oriano, Claudia*