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Jovane, Luigi
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006Astronomic calibration of the late Eocene/early Oligocene Massignano section (central Italy)Jovane, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Sprovieri, M.* ; Palike, H.* 
22010Astronomical calibration of the middle Eocene Contessa Highway section (Gubbio, Italy)Jovane, L.* ; Sprovieri, M.* ; Coccioni, R.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Marsili, A.* ; Laskar, J.* 
37-Sep-2021Editorial: Bridging Environmental Magnetism With Biogeophysics to Study Biogeochemical Processes of TodayUstra, Andrea Teixeira* ; Ntarlagiannis, Dimitrios* ; Sagnotti, Leonardo* ; Jovane, Luigi* 
423-Aug-2014Enhanced primary productivity and magnetotactic bacterial production in response to middle Eocene warming in the Neo-Tethys OceanSavian, J.* ; Jovane, L.* ; Frontalini, F.* ; Trindade, R. I. F* ; Coccioni, R.* ; Bohaty, S. M.* ; Wilson, P. A.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Roberts, A. P.* ; Catanzariti, R.* ; Iacoviello, F.* 
53-Aug-2004Environmental magnetic record of paleoclimate change from the Eocene-Oligocene stratotype section, Massignano, ItalyJovane, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* 
610-Nov-2007Eocene-Oligocene paleoceanographic changes in the stratotype section, Massignano, Italy: Clues from rock magnetism and stable isotopesJovane, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Sprovieri, M.* ; Acton, G.* ; Coccioni, R.* ; Dall’Antonia, B.* 
72008Geomagnetic field behavior at high latitudes from a paleomagnetic record from Eltanin core 27–21 in the Ross Sea sector, AntarcticaJovane, L.* ; Acton, G.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Verosub, K. L.* 
82021Integrated calcareous nannofossil and magnetostratigraphic record of ODP Site 709: Middle Eocene to late Oligocene paleoclimate and paleoceanography of the Equatorial Indian OceanVilla, Giuliana* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Persico, Davide* ; Lurcock, Pontus* ; de Martini, Ana Paula* ; Jovane, Luigi* ; Fioroni, Chiara* 
9Dec-2013Magnetic properties of Pelagic CarbonatesRoberts, A. P.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Chang, L.* ; Heslop, D.* ; Jovane, L.* ; Larrasoaña, J. C.* 
1013-Nov-2020Magnetostratigraphic Chronology of a Cenozoic Sequence From DSDP Site 274, Ross Sea, AntarcticaJovane, Luigi* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Wilson, Gary* ; de Almeida Pecchiai Saldanha Leone, Stephanie* ; Hassan, Muhammad Bin* ; Rodelli, Daniel* ; Cortese, Giuseppe* 
1115-Oct-2011Magnetotactic bacterial abundance in pelagic marine environments is limited by organic carbon flux and availability of dissolved ironRoberts, A. P.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Villa, G.* ; Chang, L.* ; Jovane, L.* ; Bohaty, S. M.* ; Larrasoaña, J. C.* ; Heslop, D.* ; Fitz Gerald, J. D.* 
12Mar-2007Micromagnetic coercivity distributions and interactions in chondrules with implications for paleointensities of the early solar systemActon, G.* ; Yin, Q.-Z.* ; Verosuv, K. L.* ; Jovane, L.* ; Roth, A.* ; Jacobsen, B.* ; Denton, S. E.* 
13Mar-2007The middle Eocene climatic optimum (MECO) event in the Contessa Highway section, Umbrian Apennines, ItalyJovane, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Sprovieri, M.* ; Marsili, A.* ; Coccioni, R.* ; Roberts, A.* ; Monechi, S.* 
14Mar-2019Miocene Glacial Dynamics Recorded by Variations in Magnetic Properties in the ANDRILL‐2A Drill CoreJovane, Luigi* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Acton, Gary* ; Ohneiser, Christian* ; Sagnotti, Leonardo* ; Strada, Eleonora* ; Verosuv, Kenneth L.* ; Wilson, Gary S.* ; Iacoviello, Francesco* ; Levy, Richard H.* ; Passchier, Sandra* 
152005A new view of Italian seismicity using 20 years of instrumental recordingsChiarabba, C.* ; Jovane, L.* ; Di Stefano, R.* 
162021Orbital tuning for the middle Eocene to early Oligocene Monte Cagnero Section (Central Italy): Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic implicationsKochhann, Marcus V.L.* ; Savian, Jairo* ; Tori, Flavia* ; Catanzariti, Rita* ; Coccioni, Rodolfo* ; Frontalini, Fabrizio* ; Jovane, Luigi* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Monechi, Simonetta* 
172009Palaeomagnetism of the AND-2A Core, ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project, AntarcticaActon, G.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Jovane, L.* ; Lum, B.* ; Ohneiser, C.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Strada, E.* ; Verosub, K.L.* ; Wilson, G.S.* ; THE ANDRIL-SMS Science Team* 
182009Preliminary Integrated Chronostratigraphy of the AND-2A Core, ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project, AntarcticaActon, G.* ; Crampton, J.* ; Di Vincenzo, G.* ; Fielding, C. R.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Hannah, M.* ; Harwood, D. M.* ; Ishman, S.* ; Johnson, K.* ; Jovane, L.* ; Levy, R. H.* ; Lum, B.* ; Marcano, M. C.* ; Mukasa, S.* ; Ohneiser, C.* ; Olney, M. P.* ; Riesselman, C.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Stefano, C.* ; Strada, E.* ; Taviani, M.* ; Tuzzi, E.* ; Verosub, K. L.* ; Wilson, G. S.* ; Zattin, M.* ; the ANDRIL-SMS Science Team* 
192012Prismatic magnetite magnetosomes from cultivated Magnetovibrio blakemorei strain MV-1: a magnetic fingerprint in marine sediments?Jovane, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Bazylinski, D. A.* ; Lins, U.*