Guidoboni, Emanuela

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Guidoboni, Emanuela
Guidoboni, E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004The 1138-1139 and 1156-1159 destructive seismic crises in Syria, south-eastern Turkey and northern LebanonGuidoboni, E.* ; Bernardini, F.* ; Comastri, A.* 
21-Aug-2012Ancient and Medieval Earthquakes in the Area of L’Aquila (Northwestern Abruzzo, Central Italy), A.D. 1–1500: A Critical Revision of the Historical and Archaeological DataGuidoboni, E.* ; Comastri, A.* ; Mariotti, D.* ; Ciuccarelli, C.* ; Bianchi, M. G.* 
3Aug-2000Appendix to volume 44 N° 4, 2001Boschi, E.* ; Guidoboni, E.* ; Ferrari, G.* ; Mariotti, D.* ; Valensise, G.* ; Gasperini, P.* 
42009Bayesian event tree for eruption forecasting (BET_EF) at Vesuvius, Italy: a retrospective forward application to the 1631 eruptionSandri, L.* ; Guidoboni, E.* ; Marzocchi, W.* ; Selva, J.* 
52011The Campi Flegrei caldera: historical revision and new data on seismic crises, bradyseisms, the Monte Nuovo eruption and ensuing earthquakes (twelfth century 1582 ad)Guidoboni, E.* ; Ciuccarelli, C.* 
6Jun-2019CFTI5Med, the new release of the catalogue of strong earthquakes in Italy and in the Mediterranean areaGuidoboni, Emanuela* ; Ferrari, Graziano* ; Tarabusi, Gabriele* ; Sgattoni, Giulia* ; Comastri, Alberto* ; Mariotti, Dante* ; Ciuccarelli, Cecilia* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* ; Valensise, Gianluca* 
7Nov-1995Collapses and seismic collapses in archaeology: proposal for a thematic atlasGuidoboni, E.* ; Santoro Bianchi, S.* 
81993The contribution of historical records of earthquakes to the evaluation of seismic hazardGuidoboni, E.* ; Stucchi, M.* 
92012A critical evaluation of tsunami records reported for the Levant Coast from the second millennium BCE to the presentSalamon, A.* ; Rockwell, T.* ; Guidoboni, E.* ; Comastri, A.* 
10Aug-2000Earthquake effects on the environment: from historical descriptions to thematic cartographyValensise, G.* ; Guidoboni, E.* 
11Dec-1996Earthquakes in medieval Sicily. A historical revision (7th-13th century)Guidoboni, E.* ; Traina, G.* 
12Aug-2000The effects of earthquakes in historical cities: the peculiarity of the Italian caseGuidoboni, E.* ; Ferrari, G.* 
131999Encoding and computer analysis of macroseismic effectsVannucci, Gianfranco* ; Gasperini, Paolo* ; Ferrari, Graziano* ; Guidoboni, Emanuela* 
142006Eruption early warning at Vesuvius: The A.D. 1631 lessonBertagnini, A.* ; Cioni, R.* ; Guidoboni, E.* ; Rosi, M.* ; Neri, A.* ; Boschi, E.* 
152005The “exceptional” earthquake of 3 January 1117 in the Verona area (northern Italy): A critical time review and detection of two lost earthquakes (lower Germany and Tuscany)Guidoboni, Emanuela* ; Comastri, Alberto* ; Boschi, Enzo* 
162008First historical evidence of a significant Mt.Etna eruption in 1224Guidoboni, E.* ; Ciuccarelli, C.* 
172017The forgotten vulnerability: A geology- and history-based approach for ranking the seismic risk of earthquake-prone communities of the Italian ApenninesValensise, Gianluca* ; Tarabusi, Gabriele* ; Guidoboni, Emanuela* ; Ferrari, Graziano* 
18Nov-1995Historical cities and earthquakes: Florence during the last nine centuries and evaluations of seismic hazardGuidoboni, E.* ; Ferrari, G.* 
19Aug-2000Historical variables of seismic effects: economic levels, demographic scales and building techniquesGuidoboni, E.* ; Ferrari, G.* 
201997The large earthquake of 8 August 1303 in Crete: seismic scenario and tsunami in the Mediterranean areaGuidoboni, Emanuela* ; Comastri, Alberto*