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De Santis, Angelo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-1994The 1990.0 magnetic repeat station survey and normal reference fields for ItalyMeloni, A.* ; Battelli, O.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Dominici, G.* 
2Oct-2010The 2009 L'Aquila (Central Italy) seismic sequence as a chaotic processDe Santis, A.* ; Cianchini, G.* ; Qamili, E.* ; Frepoli, A.* 
312-Jan-2015Accelerating moment release revisited: Examples of application to Italian seismic sequencesDe Santis, A.* ; Cianchini, G.* ; Di Giovambattista, R.* 
431-Oct-2003Active EM sounding for early warning of earthquakes and volcanic eruptionsDudkin, F.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Korepanov, V.* 
54-Aug-2022Analysis of Swarm Satellite Magnetic Field Data for the 2015 Mw 7.8 Nepal Earthquake Based on Nonnegative Tensor DecompositionFan, Mengxuan* ; Zhu, Kaiguang* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; Marchetti, Dedalo* ; Cianchini, Gianfranco* ; Piscini, Alessandro* ; He, Xiaodan* ; Wen, Jiami* ; Wang, Ting* ; Zhang, Yiqun* ; Cheng, Yuqi* 
62021Analysis of the Ionospheric Perturbations Prior to the 2009 L’Aquila and 2002 Molise Earthquakes from Ground- and Space-Based ObservationsSabbagh, Dario* ; Orlando, Martina* ; Perrone, Loredana* ; Cianchini, Gianfranco* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; Piscini, Alessandro* 
72019Anomalous seismo-LAI variations potentially associated with the 2017 Mw = 7.3 Sarpol-e Zahab (Iran) earthquake from Swarm satellites, GPS-TEC and climatological dataAkhoondzadeh, Mehdi* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; Marchetti, Dedalo* ; Piscini, Alessandro* ; Jin, Shuanggen* 
82013Antarctic geomagnetic reference model updated to 2010 and provisionally to 2012Tozzi, R.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Gaya-Piqué, L.-R.* 
9May-1995Antarctic ResearchCafarella, Lili* ; Caramelli, Antonio* ; Chiappini, Massimo* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; Meloni, Antonio* ; Palangio, Paolo* 
10Jan-2021Characteristic periods of the paleosecular variation of the Earth's magnetic field during the Holocene from global paleoreconstructionsGonzález-López, Alicia* ; Campuzano, Saioa Arquero* ; Molina Cardín, Alberto* ; Pavón-Carrasco, Francisco Javier* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; Osete, Maria Luisa* 
112020Co-Seismic Magnetic Field Perturbations Detected by Swarm Three-Satellite ConstellationMarchetti, Dedalo* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; Jin, Shuanggen* ; Campuzano, Saioa Arquero* ; Cianchini, Gianfranco* ; Piscini, Alessandro* 
12Oct-2022A comprehensive multiparametric and multilayer approach to study the preparation phase of large earthquakes from ground to space: The case study of the June 15 2019, M7.2 Kermadec Islands (New Zealand) earthquakeDe Santis, Angelo* ; Perrone, Loredana* ; Calcara, Massimo* ; Campuzano, Saioa Arquero* ; Cianchini, Gianfranco* ; D’Arcangelo, Serena* ; Di Mauro, Domenico* ; Marchetti, Dedalo* ; Nardi, Adriano* ; Orlando, Martina* ; Piscini, Alessandro* ; Sabbagh, Dario* ; Soldani, Maurizio* 
1323-Mar-2006Deep seafloor magnetic observations under GEOSTAR projectDe Santis, A.* ; Di Mauro, D.* ; Cafarella, L.* ; D’Anna, R.* ; Gaya-Piqué, L. R.* ; Palangio, P.* ; Romeo, G.* ; Tozzi, R.* 
142002Detecting geomagnetic field nonlinearities by bispectral analysis and a phase coupling nonlinear techniqueTozzi, R.* ; De Santis, A.* 
15Mar-2022Developing a Deep Learning-Based Detector of Magnetic, Ne, Te and TEC Anomalies from Swarm Satellites: The Case of Mw 7.1 2021 Japan EarthquakeAkhoondzadeh, Mehdi* ; De Santis, Angelo* ; Marchetti, Dedalo* ; Wang, Ting* 
16Apr-1999Development of an improved geomagnetic reference field of AntarcticaDe Santis, A.* ; Chiappini, M.* ; Torta, J. M.* ; von Frese, R. R. B.* 
1715-Aug-1997A direct divider method for self-affine fractal profiles and surfacesDe Santis, A. 
181995A discussion of the uniqueness of a Laplacian potential when given only partial field information on a sphereLowes, F. J.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Duka, B.* 
192021Editorial of Special Issue “Detecting Geospace Perturbations Caused by Earth”Balasis, Georgios* ; De Santis, Angelo* 
202006Electromagnetic propagation features of ground-penetrating radars for the exploration of Martian subsurfacePettinelli, E.* ; Vannaroni, G.* ; Mattei, E.* ; Di Matteo, A.* ; Paolucci, F.* ; Pisani, A. R.* ; Cereti, A.* ; Del Vento, D.* ; Burghignoli, P.* ; Galli, A.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Bella, F.*