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128-Jan-20213D Imaging of CRP and Ultrasonic Tomography to Detect Decay in a Living Adult Holm Oak (Quercus ilex L.) in Sardinia (Italy)Puxeddu, Michele* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Fais, Silvana* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* 
27-Sep-2010Active tectonics in Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) inferred from the integration of GPS data and geologic setting.Dubbini, M.* ; Cianfarra, P.* ; Casula, G.* ; Capra, A.* ; Salvini, F.* 
31-Dec-2010Adjustment and transformation strategies of ItalPoS Permanent GNSS NetworkCastagnetti, C.* ; Capra, A.* ; Casula, G.* ; Bianchi, M. G.* ; Dubbini, M.* 
416-Jun-2009Adjustment and transformation strategies of ItalPoS Permanent GNSS NetworkCastagnetti, C.* ; Casula, G.* ; Dubbini, M.* ; Capra, A.* 
5Aug-2008Analyzing Virtual Reference Station for GPS surveying: experiments and applications in a test site of the northern Apennine (Italy).Pesci, A.* ; Loddo, F.* ; Teza, G.* ; Cenni, N.* ; Casula, G.* 
623-Oct-2009Application of acoustic techniques in the evaluation of heterogeneous building materialsFais, S.* ; Casula, G.* 
7Dec-1999Calibration of a superconducting gravimeter: a comparison between the mass attraction method and the use of FG5 absolute gravity mesurementsBaldi, P.* ; Casula, G.* ; Hinderer, J.* ; Amalvict, M.* 
8Oct-1994A calibration system for superconducting GravimetersAchilli, V.* ; Baldi, P.* ; Casula, G.* ; Errani, M.* ; Focardi, S.* ; Guerzoni, M.* ; Palmonari, F.* ; Ragunì, G.* 
929-Oct-2019Characterization of Rock Samples by a High-Resolution Multi-Technique Non-Invasive ApproachFais, Silvana* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* ; Ligas, Paola* 
10Sep-2002Combination of permanent and not permanent GPS networks for the evaluation of the strain-rate field in the central MediterraneanSerpelloni, E.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Baldi, P.* ; Casula, G.* ; Galvani, A.* ; Pesci, A.* ; Riguzzi, F.* 
112015Combined Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and IR Thermography Applied to a Historical BuildingCostanzo, A.* ; Minasi, M.* ; Casula, G.* ; Musacchio, M.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* 
1226-Jul-2016Comparison of the historic seismicity and strain-rate pattern from a dense GPS-GNSS network solution in the Italian PeninsulaCasula, Giuseppe* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* 
13Oct-1997Computation of improved tidal parameters at the gravimetric station of BrasimoneCasula, G.* ; Baldi, P.* 
1427-Nov-2019A Contribution to the Geological Characterization of a Potential Caprock-Reservoir System in the Sulcis Coal Basin (South-Western Sardinia)Fais, Silvana* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Ligas, Paola* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* ; Plaisant, Alberto* ; Pettinau, Alberto* 
1515-Feb-2005Crustal velocity and strain-rate fields in Italy and surrounding regions: new results from the analysis of permanent and non-permanent GPS networksSerpelloni, E.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Baldi, P.*; Casula, G.* ; Galvani, A.* 
168-Mar-2006Data analysis of Permanent GPS networks in Italy and surrounding region: application of a distributed processing approachSerpelloni, E.* ; Casula, G.* ; Galvani, A.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Baldi, P.* 
17Jul-2003Data analysis of the first epoch GPS Algerian regional networkAnzidei, M.* ; Baldi, P.* ; Casula, G.* ; Galvani, A.* ; Kahlouche, S.* ; Pesci, A.* ; Serpelloni, E.* ; Touam, S.* 
1811-Oct-2021Decay Detection in an Ancient Column with Combined Close-Range Photogrammetry (CRP) and Ultrasonic TomographyCasula, Giuseppe* ; Fais, Silvana* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna* ; Ligas, Paola* ; Sitzia, Alessandro* 
192014Deformation of Ancient Buildings inferred by Terrestrial Laser Scanning methodology: the Cantalovo church case study (Northern Italy)Bonali, E.* ; Pesci, A.* ; Casula, G.* ; Boschi, E.* 
202015Detailed Petrophysical and Geophysical Characterization of Core Samples from the Potential Caprock-reservoir System in the Sulcis Coal Basin (Southwestern Sardinia – Italy)Fais, Silvana* ; Ligas, Paola* ; Cuccuru, Francesco* ; Maggio, Enrico* ; Plaisant, Alberto* ; Pettinau, Alberto* ; Casula, Giuseppe* ; Bianchi, Maria Giovanna*