Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia

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Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia
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12012The 2010 explosive eruption of Java's Merapi volcano—A ‘100-year’ eventSurono, N.* ; Jousset, P.* ; Pallister, J.* ; Boichu, M.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Budisantoso, A.* ; Costa, F.* ; Andreastuti, S.* ; Prata, F.* ; Schneider, D.* ; Clarisse, L.* ; Humaida, H.* ; Sumarti, S.* ; Bignami, C.* ; Griswold, J.* ; Carn, S.* ; Oppenheimer, C.* ; Lavigne, F.* 
22003Aerosol optical thickness of Mt. Etna volcanic plume retrieved by means of the Airborne Multispectral Imaging Spectrometer (MIVIS)Spinetti, C.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Lombardo, V.* ; Merucci, L.* 
32007Airborne FTIR Measurements over the Mt. Etna Volcano. First Results from the 2003 FASA CampaignAmici, S.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Corradini, S.* ; Pugnaghi, S.* ; Sgavetti, M.* 
411-Jan-2019Analysis of Thermal Anomalies in Volcanic Areas Using Multiscale and Multitemporal Monitoring: Vulcano Island Test CaseSilvestri, Malvina* ; Rabuffi, Federico* ; Pisciotta, Antonino* ; Musacchio, Massimo* ; Diliberto, Iole Serena* ; Spinetti, Claudia* ; Lombardo, Valerio* ; Colini, Laura* ; Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia* 
52008Carbon dioxide of Pu`u`O`o volcanic plume at Kilauea retrieved by AVIRIS hyperspectral dataSpinetti, C.* ; Carrere, V.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Sutton, A. J.* ; Elias, T.* 
62006Characterization of volcanic thermal anomalies by means of sub-pixel temperature distribution analysisLombardo, V.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Amici, S.* 
72016The Combined Use of Airborne Remote Sensing Techniques within a GIS Environment for the Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Areas: An Operational ApplicationCostanzo, Antonio* ; Montuori, Antonio* ; Silva, Juan* ; Silvestri, Malvina* ; Musacchio, Massimo* ; Doumaz, Fawzi* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* ; Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia* 
82015Combined Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and IR Thermography Applied to a Historical BuildingCostanzo, A.* ; Minasi, M.* ; Casula, G.* ; Musacchio, M.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* 
93-Jun-2010Dallo spazio al territorio: un sistema per l'Osservazione della Terra in tempo realeSpinetti, Claudia* ; Doumaz, Fawzi* ; Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia* 
102004Differences in Landsat TM derived lava flow thermal structures during summit and flank eruption at Mount EtnaLombardo, V.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Pieri, D.* ; Merucci, L.* 
112012Error analysis of subpixel lava temperature measurements using infrared remotely sensed dataLombardo, V.* ; Musacchio, M.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* 
122002Estimation of SO2 abundance in the eruption plume of Mt. Etna using two MIVIS thermal infrared channels: a case study from the Sicily-1997 CampaignPugnaghi, S.* ; Teggi, S.* ; Corradini, S.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Merucci, L.* ; Bogliolo, M. P.* 
13Feb-2006FASA – Fire Airborne Spectral Analysis of natural disastersLindermeir, E.* ; Kick, H.* ; Tank, V.* ; Haschberger, P.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Distefano, G.* ; Amici, S.* ; Oertel, D.* ; Schrandt, F.* ; Skrbek, W.* ; Venus, H.* 
14Jan-2020First Comparisons of Surface Temperature Estimations between ECOSTRESS, ASTER and Landsat 8 over Italian Volcanic and Geothermal AreasSilvestri, Malvina* ; Romaniello, Vito* ; Hook, Simon* ; Musacchio, Massimo* ; Teggi, Sergio* ; Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia* 
152013Geological classification of Volcano Teide by hyperspectral and multispectral satellite dataAmici, Stefania* ; Piscini, Alessandro* ; Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia* ; Pieri, D.* 
16Dec-2019High-Resolution and Accurate Topography Reconstruction of Mount Etna from Pleiades Satellite DataPalaseanu-Lovejoy, Monica* ; Bisson, Marina* ; Spinetti, Claudia* ; Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia* ; Alexandrov, Oleg* ; Cecere, Thomas* 
17Sep-2004Inspecting MIVIS capability to retrieve chemical-mineralogical information: evaluation and analysis of VNIR-SWIR data acquired on a volcanic areaBogliolo, M. P.* ; Teggi, S.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Pugnaghi, S.* ; Corradini, S.* 
182016The Interferometric Use of Radar Sensors for the Urban Monitoring of Structural Vibrations and Surface DisplacementsMontuori, Antonio* ; Luzi, Guido* ; Bignami, Christian* ; Gaudiosi, Iolanda* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* ; Crosetto, Michele* ; Buongiorno, Maria Fabrizia* 
192013Investigation of the complex dynamics and structure of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic ash cloud using multispectral images and numerical simulationsSpinetti, C.* ; Barsotti, S.* ; Neri, A.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Doumaz, F.* ; Nannipieri, L.* 
202006Lava flow thermal analysis using three infrared bands of remote-sensing imagery: a study case from Mount Etna 2001 eruptionLomabardo, V.* ; Buongiorno, F.*