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Bonasia, R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Conduit flow experiments help constraining the regime of explosive eruptionsDellino, P.* ; Dioguardi, F.* ; Zimanowski, B.* ; Buttner, R.* ; Mele, D.* ; La Volpe, L.* ; Sulpizio, R.* ; Doronzo, D.M.* ; Sonder, I.* ; Bonasia, R.* ; Calvari, S.* ; Marotta, E.* 
22007Discriminating the-long distance dispersal of fine ash from sustained columns or near ground ash clouds: the example of the Pomici di Avellino eruption (Somma-Vesuvius, Italy).Sulpizio, R.* ; Bonasia, R.* ; Dellino, P.* ; Di Vito, M. A.* ; La Volpe, L.* ; Mele, D.* ; Zanchetta, G.* ; Sadori, L.* 
32010Numerical inversion and analysis of tephra fallout deposits fromthe 472 ADsub-Plinian eruption at Vesuvius (Italy) through a new best-fit procedureBonasia, R.* ; Macedonio, G.* ; Costa, A.* ; Mele, D.* ; Sulpizio, R.* 
42012Numerical simulation of tephra transport and deposition of the 1982 El Chichón eruption and implications for hazard assessmentBonasia, R.* ; Costa, A.* ; Folch, A.* ; Macedonio, G.* ; Capra, L.* 
52010The Pomici di Avellino eruption of Somma-Vesuvius (3.9 ka BP). Part I: stratigraphy, compositional variability and eruptive dynamicsSulpizio, R.* ; Cioni, R.* ; Di Vito, M. A.* ; Mele, D.* ; Bonasia, R.* ; Dellino, P.* 
623-Feb-2010The Pomici di Avellino eruption of Somma–Vesuvius (3.9 ka BP). Part II: sedimentology and physical volcanology of pyroclastic density current depositsSulpizio, R.* ; Bonasia, R.* ; Dellino, P.* ; Di Vito, M. A.* ; Mele, D.* ; La Volpe, I.* 
72011Tephra fallout hazard assessment for a Plinian eruption scenario at Volcán de Colima (Mexico)Bonasia, R.* ; Capra, L.* ; Costa, A.* ; Macedonio, G.* ; Saucedo, R.*