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12019Aftershock rate and pore fluid diffusion: Insights from the Amatrice-Visso-Norcia (Italy) 2016 seismic sequenceAlbano, Matteo* ; Barba, Salvatore* ; Saroli, Michele* ; Polcari, Marco* ; Bignami, Christian* ; Moro, Marco* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* ; Di Bucci, Daniela* 
213-Jun-2017Aftershocks, groundwater changes and postseismic ground displacements related to pore pressure gradients: Insights from the 2012 Emilia-Romagna earthquakeAlbano, Matteo* ; Barba, Salvatore* ; Solaro, Giuseppe* ; Pepe, Antonio* ; Bignami, Christian* ; Moro, Marco* ; Saroli, Michele* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* 
3Mar-1995Amplitude response of a telemetered seismic system from seismometers to digital acquisition systemDi Giovambattista, R.* ; Barba, S.* ; Marchetti, A.* 
42000Analysis of seismological and geological observations for moderate-size earthquakes: the Colfiorito Fault System (Central Apennines, Italy)Barba, S.* ; Basili, R.* 
52011Determining rheology from deformation data: The case of central ItalyCarafa, M. M. C.* ; Barba, S.* 
621-Mar-2017Discriminating between natural and anthropogenic earthquakes: insights from the Emilia Romagna (Italy) 2012 seismic sequenceAlbano, Matteo* ; Barba, Salvatore* ; Tarabusi, Gabriele* ; Saroli, Michele* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* 
7Jun-2008Effects of geological complexities on coseismic displacementMegna, A.* ; Barba, S.* ; Santini, S.* ; Dragoni, M.* 
82014Fault on–off versus coseismic fluids reactionDoglioni, C.* ; Barba, S.* ; Carminati, E.* ; Riguzzi, F.* 
91996Focal mechanism in the ApenninesRosini, R.* ; Di Luccio, Francesca* ; Barba, Salvatore* 
10Jan-1994Frequency response of the telemetered seismic system of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica, from the seismometers to the digital acquisition systemsDi Giovambattista, R.* ; Barba, S.* ; Marchetti, A.* 
1110-Nov-2015Gravity-driven postseismic deformation following the Mw 6.3 2009 L’Aquila (Italy) earthquakeAlbano, M.* ; Barba, S.* ; Saroli, M.* ; Moro, M.* ; Malvarosa, F.* ; Costantini, M.* ; Bignami, C.* ; Stramondo, S.* 
12May-1995The ING Seismic Network Databank (ISND) : a friendly parameters and waveform databaseBarba, S.* ; Di Giovambattista, R.* ; Smriglio, G.* 
13Dec-2007Migration and shortening rates in the northern Apennines, Italy: implications for seismic hazardBasili, R.* ; Barba, S.* 
14Nov-2016Minor shallow gravitational component on the Mt. Vettore surface ruptures related to Mw 6, 2016 Amatrice earthquakeAlbano, M.* ; Saroli, M.* ; Moro, M.* ; Falcucci, E.* ; Gori, S.* ; Stramondo, S.* ; Galadini, F.* ; Barba, S.* 
154-Mar-2013Modeling the interseismic deformation of a thrust system: seismogenic potential of the Southern AlpsBarba, S.* ; Finocchio, D.* ; Sikdar, E.* ; Burrato, P.* 
162015Neotectonics and long-term seismicity in Europe and the Mediterranean regionCarafa, M. M. C.* ; Barba, S.* ; Bird, P.* 
17Dec-2005Normal-fault stress and displacement through finite-element analysisMegna, A.* ; Barba, S.* ; Santini, S.* 
18Apr-2021Numerical analysis of interseismic, coseismic and postseismic phases for normal and reverse faulting earthquakes in ItalyAlbano, Matteo* ; Barba, Salvatore* ; Bignami, Christian* ; Carminati, Eugenio* ; Doglioni, Carlo* ; Moro, Marco* ; Saroli, Michele* ; Samsonov, Sergey* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* 
1924-Nov-2005Performances of the Italian Seismic Network, 1985-2002: the hidden thingMarchetti, A.* ; Barba, S.* ; Cucci, L.* ; Pirro, M.* 
202010Present-day stress-field modelling of southern Italy constrained by stress and GPS dataBarba, S.* ; Carafa, M. M. C.* ; Mariucci, M. T.* ; Montone, P.* ; Pierdominici, S.*