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Bagh, Samer
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2007Background seismicity in the Central Apennines of Italy: The Abruzzo region case studyBagh, S.* ; Chiaraluce, L.* ; De Gori, P.* ; Moretti, M.* ; Govoni, A.* ; Di Bartolomeo, P.* ; Romanelli, M.* 
210-Feb-2009A decade of passive seismic monitoring experiments with local networks in four Italian regionsChiaraluce, L.* ; Valoroso, L.* ; Anselmi, M.* ; Bagh, S.* ; Chiarabba, C.* 
321-May-2010Deep structural heterogeneities and the tectonic evolution of the Abruzzi region (Central Apennines, Italy) revealed by microseismicity, seismic tomography, and teleseismic receiver functionsChiarabba, C.* ; Bagh, S.* ; Bianchi, I.* ; De Gori, P.* ; Barchi, M.* 
414-Nov-2016Inversion of inherited thrusts by wastewater injection induced seismicity at the Val d'Agri oilfield (Italy)Buttinelli, Mauro* ; Improta, Luigi* ; Bagh, S.* ; Chiarabba, Claudio* 
51-Jun-2022Minimum 1D Vp and Vp/Vs Models and Hypocentral Determinations in the Central Mediterranean AreaMenichelli, Irene* ; De Gori, Pasquale* ; Lucente, Francesco Pio* ; Improta, Luigi* ; Valoroso, Luisa* ; Baccheschi, Paola* ; Bagh, Samer* ; Montuori, Caterina* ; Chiarabba, Claudio* 
611-Nov-2017Reservoir Structure and Wastewater-Induced Seismicity at the Val d'Agri Oilfield (Italy) Shown by Three-Dimensional Vp and Vp /Vs Local Earthquake TomographyImprota, Luigi* ; Bagh, S.* ; De Gori, Pasquale* ; Valoroso, Luisa* ; Pastori, Marina* ; Piccinini, Davide* ; Chiarabba, Claudio* ; Anselmi, Mario* ; Buttinelli, Mauro*