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Geological Survey of Canada

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1Sep-20143D Hydrogeological Model Building Using Airborne Electromagnetic DataOldenborger, G. A.* ; Logan, C. E.* ; Hinton, M. J.* ; Sapia, V.* ; Pugin, A. J. M.* ; Sharpe, D. R.* ; Calderhead, A. I.* ; Russel, H. A. J.* 
2May-2015Geoethics: A Challenge for Research Integrity in GeosciencesPeppoloni, S.* ; Bobrowsky, P.* ; Di Capua, G.* 
3Mar-2014The Impact on Geological and Hydrogeological Mapping Results of Moving from Ground to Airborne TEMSapia, V.* ; Viezzoli, A.* ; Jørgensen, F.* ; Oldenborger, G. A.* ; Marchetti, M.* 
4Nov-2012Incorporating a-priori information into AEM inversion for geological and hydrogeological mapping of the Spiritwood Valley Aquifer, Manitoba, CanadaSapia, V.* ; Oldenborger, G. A.* ; Viezzoli, A.* 
520-Feb-2014Incorporating ancillary data into the inversion of airborne time-domain electromagnetic data for hydrogeological applicationsSapia, V.* ; Oldenborger, G. A.* ; Viezzoli, A.* ; Marchetti, M.* 
62015Joining multiple AEM datasets to improve accuracy, cross calibration and derived products: The Spiritwood VTEM and AeroTEM case studySapia, V.* ; Viezzoli, A.* ; Oldenborger, G.* 
7Nov-2013Recent AEM Case Study Examples of a Full Waveform Time-Domain System for Near-Surface and Groundwater ApplicationsLegault, J. M.* ; Prikhodko, A.* ; Eadie, T.* ; Kwan, K.* ; Oldenborger, G. A.* ; Sapia, V.* ; Viezzoli, A.* ; Gloaguen, E.* ; Smith, B. D.* ; Best, M. E.*