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126-Jun-2012Late Holocene landscape change history related to the Alpine Fault determined from drowned forests in Lake Poerua, Westland, New ZealandLangridge, R. M.* ; Basili, R.* ; Basher, L.* ; Wells, A. P.* 
210-Dec-2021Magnetic Expression of Hydrothermal Systems Hosted by Submarine Calderas in Subduction Settings: Examples from the Palinuro and Brothers VolcanoesCocchi, Luca* ; Caratori Tontini, Fabio* ; Muccini, Filippo* ; De Ronde, Cornel E.J.* 
3Dec-2014Mapping of seafloor hydrothermally altered rocks using geophysical methods: Marsili and Palinuro seamounts, Southern Tyrrhenian SeaLigi, M.* ; Cocchi, L.* ; Bortoluzzi, G.* ; D'Oriano, F.* ; Muccini, F.* ; Caratori Tontini, F.* ; de Ronde, C.* ; Carmisciano, C.* 
4Dec-2014Near-Bottom Magnetic Signatures of Submarine Hydrothermal Systems at Marsili and Palinuro Volcanoes, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, ItalyCaratori Tontini, F.* ; Bortoluzzi, G.* ; Carmisciano, C.* ; Cocchi, L.* ; de Ronde, C.* ; Ligi, M.* ; Muccini, F.* 
5Feb-2011Seismic response of L’Aquila downtown from comparison between 2D synthetics spectral ratios of SH, P-SV and Rayleigh waves and observations of the 2009 earthquake sequenceBordoni, P.* ; Haines, J.* ; Milana, G.* ; Marcucci, S.* ; Cara, F.* ; Di Giulio, G.* 
62013Volcanic activity and its link to glaciation cycles: Single-grain age and geochemistry of Early to Middle Miocene volcanic glass from ANDRILL AND-2A core, AntarcticaNyland, R. E.* ; Panter, K. S.* ; Rocchi, S.* ; Di Vincenzo, G.* ; Del Carlo, P.* ; Tiepolo, M.* ; Field, B.* ; Gorsevski, P.*