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Jan-1996The correlation between geomagnetic field reversals, Hawaiian volcanism, and the motion of the Pacific plateGregori, G. P.* ; Dong, W.* 
20-Mar-2013Curie isotherm depth from aeromagnetic data constraining shallow heat source depths in the central Aeolian Ridge (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)De Ritis, R.* ; Ravat, D.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Chiappini, M.* 
2011Detection of fresh and thermal waters over an island with extinct volcanism: the island of Salina (Aeolian arc, Italy)Italiano, F.* ; Caruso, C.* 
6-May-2013Environmental magnetic record of paleoclimate, unroofing of the Transantarctic Mountains, and volcanism in late Eocene to early Miocene glaci-marine sediments from the Victoria Land Basin, Ross Sea, AntarcticaRoberts, A. P.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Bohaty, S. M.* ; Verosub, K. L.* ; Wilson, G. S.* ; Zachos, J. C.* 
2004Evidence of historical seismicity and volcanism in the Armenian Highland (from Armenian and other sources)Karakhanian, A.* ; Abgaryan, Y.* 
2014Fractures and faults in volcanic rocks (Campi Flegrei, southern Italy): Insight into volcano-tectonic processesVitale, S.* ; Isaia, Roberto* 
2006Ground deformation and gravity changes on the Island of Pantelleria in the geodynamic framework of the Sicily ChannelBehncke, B.* ; Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Velardita, R.* 
2010Hazard assessment of explosive volcanism at Somma‐VesuviusMastrolorenzo, G.* ; Pappalardo, L.* 
2019The Holocene volcanism at El Hierro: insights from petrology and geochemistryAulinas, M.* ; Domínguez, D* ; Rodríguez-González, A* ; Carmona, H* ; Fernández-Turiel, JL* ; Pérez-Torrado, F J* ; Carracedo, JC* ; Arienzo, Ilenia* ; D’Antonio, M.* 
2019Landslides, volcanism and volcano-tectonics: the fragility of the Neapolitan territory. Cities on Volcanoes 10 Meeting – Napoli 2018Di Vito, Mauro Antonio* ; Calcaterra, Domenico* ; Petrosino, Paola* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; de Vita, Sandro* ; Marotta, Enrica* ; Cesarano, Mario* ; De Simone, Antonio* ; Sansivero, Fabio* ; Rucco, Ilaria* 
13-Dec-2011Secondary hydrothermal minerals in buried rocks at the campi flegrei caldera, Italy: a possible tool to understand the rock-physics and to assess the state of the volcanic systemMormone, A.* ; Tramelli, A.* ; Di Vito, M. A.* ; Piochi, M.* ; Troise, C.* ; De Natale, G.* 
2013Terrain characterization and structural control of the Auca Mahuida volcanism (Neuquén Basin, Argentina)Ventura, G.* ; De Ritis, R.* ; Longo, M.* ; Chiappini, M.* 
9-Apr-2019Using geosciences and mythology to locate Prospero’s IslandLanza, Tiziana