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2019Characterising the electron density fluctuations in the high-latitude ionosphere at Swarm altitude in response to the geomagnetic activityGiannattasio, Fabio* ; De Michelis, Paola* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Quattrociocchi, Virgilio* ; Coco, Igino* ; Tozzi, Roberta* 
2003Characteristics of the boundary layerat Ny-Ålesund in the Arctic during the ARTIST field experimentArgentini, S.* ; Pietro Viola, A.* ; Mastrantonio, G.* ; Maurizi, A.* ; Georgiadis, T.* ; Nardino, M.* 
2018Features of Magnetic Field Fluctuations in the Ionosphere at Swarm altitudeDe Michelis, Paola* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Tozzi, Roberta* ; Giannattasio, Fabio* ; Quattrociocchi, Virgilio* ; Coco, Igino* 
2009Investigating the impact of surface wave breaking on modeling the trajectories of drifters in the northern Adriatic Sea during a wind-storm eventCarniel, S.* ; Warner, J. C.* ; Sclavo, M.* ; Chigiato, J.* 
2003Investigations on convective boundary layer turbulence using SODAR dataTampieri, F.* ; Maurizi, A.* 
2010Layered structures in the upper Ligurian SeaCarniel, S.* ; Kantha, L.* ; Bergamasco, A.* ; Prandke, H.* ; Small, R. J.* ; Sclavo, M.* 
2015Magnetic field fluctuation features at Swarm's altitude: a fractal approachDe Michelis, P.* ; Consolini, G.* ; Tozzi, R.* 
2004Time intermittency and spectral features of the geomagnetic fieldDe Michelis, P.* ; Consolini, G.* 
Feb-2012Turbulence variability in the upper layers of the Southern Adriatic Sea under a variety of atmospheric forcing conditionsCarniel, Sandro* ; Kantha, L.H.* ; Book, J.W.* ; Prandks, H.* ; Sclavo, Mauro* 
Dec-2009Turbulent Times in the Northern Polar Ionosphere?Burston, R.* ; Astin, I.* ; Mitchell, C.* ; Alfonsi, Lu.* ; Pedersen, T.* ; Skone, S.*