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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2007The 8th ICGG International Conference on Gas Geochemistry Preface: Fluids and tectonicsBoschi, E.* ; Italiano, F.* ; Martinelli, G.* 
2013Active degassing of mantle-derived fluid: A geochemical study along the Vulture line, southern Apennines (ItalyCaracausi, A.* ; Martelli, M.* ; Nuccio, P. M.* ; Paternoster, M.* ; Fin, S.* 
2005Active geodynamics of the central Mediterranean Sea: Tensional tectonic evidences in western Sicily from mantle-derived heliumCaracausi, A.* ; Favara, R.* ; Italiano, F.* ; Nuccio, P. M.* ; Paonita, A.* ; Rizzo, A.* 
Sep-1999Active stress in the NE external margin of the Apennines: the Ferrara arc, northern ItalyMontone, P.* ; Mariucci, M. T.* 
2001Active tectonics and seismic zonation of the urban area of Florence.Boccaletti, M.* ; Corti, G.* ; Gasperini, P.* ; Piccardi, L.* ; Vannucci, G.* ; Clemente, S.* 
2007Aeromagnetic anomalies reveal hidden tectonic and volcanic structures in the central sector of the Aeolian Islands, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, ItalyDe Ritis, R.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Chiappini, M.* 
Dec-1997Fault plane solutions of the 1993 and 1995 Gulf of Aqaba earthquakes and their tectonic implicationsAbdel Fattah, A. K.* ; Hussein, H. M.* ; Ibrahim, E. M.* ; Abu El Atta, A. S.* 
2020Fluid geochemistry in a low-enthalpy geothermal field along a sector of southern Apennines chain (Italy)Apollaro, Carmine* ; Caracausi, Antonio* ; Paternoster, Michele* ; Randazzo, P* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; De Rosa, Rosanna* ; Fuoco, Ilaria* ; Mongelli, Giovanni* ; Muto, Francesco* ; Vanni, E* ; Vespasiano, G.* 
2019Geological tourist mapping of the Mount Serrone fault Geosite (Gioia dei Marsi, Central Apennines, Italy)Piacentini, Tommaso* ; Miccadei, Enrico* ; Berardini, Gianclemente* ; Aratari, Luigi* ; De Ioris, Antonio* ; Calista, Monia* ; Carabella, Cristiano* ; d’Arielli, Roberto* ; Mancinelli, Vania* ; Paglia, Giorgio* ; Buccolini, Marcello* 
22-Jun-2015GPS data processing of five years of more than 300 permanent station archive with the distributed sessions approach in Italian Peninsula.Casula, G. 
9-May-2014Gravitational potential energy and active deformation in the ApenninesD'Agostino, N.* ; England, P.* ; Hunstad, I.* ; Selvaggi, G.* 
2002Helium and carbon isotopes in thermal waters of the Jalisco block, MexicoTaran, Y. A.* ; Inguaggiato, S.* ; Varley, N.* ; Capasso, G.* ; Favara, R.* 
Jun-1989HELIUM ISOTOPES AND TECTONICS IN SOUTHERN ITALYSano, Y.* ; Wakita, H.* ; Nuccio, P. M.* ; Italiano, F.* 
2011Interplay between Tectonics and Mount Etna’s Volcanism: Insights into the Geometry of the Plumbing SystemPatanè, D.* ; Aliotta, M.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Cassisi, C.* ; Coltelli, M.* ; Di Grazia, G.* ; Montalto, P.* ; Zuccarello, L.* 
2014Mantle-derived fluids discharged at the Bradanic foredeep/Apulian foreland boundary: the Maschito geothermal gas emissions (southern Italy)Nuccio, P. M.* ; Caracausi, A.* ; Costa, M.* 
2001Mechanics of a tectonized soil slope: influence of boundary conditions and rainfallSantaloia, F.* ; Cotecchia, F.* ; Polemio, M.* 
20-Jul-2020Neotectonics of the Sea of Galilee (northeast Israel): implication for geodynamics and seismicity along the Dead Sea Fault systemGasperini, Luca* ; Lazar, Michael* ; Mazzini, Adriano* ; Lupi, Matteo* ; Haddad, Antoine* ; Hensen, Christian* ; Schmidt, Mark* ; Caracausi, Antonio* ; Ligi, Marco* ; Polonia, Alina* 
Jul-2009new concept in global tectonicsbozic, zeljko
1999Orogens and slabs vs. their direction of subductionDoglioni, C.* ; Harabaglia, P.* ; Merlini, S.* ; Mongelli, F.* ; Peccerillo, A.* ; Piromallo, C.* 
2002Paleo-environmental and volcano-tectonic evolution of the southeastern £ank of Mt. Etna during the last 225 ka inferred from the volcanic succession of the ‘Timpe’, Acireale, SicilyCorsaro, R. A.* ; Neri, M.* ; Pompilio, M.*