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2007Crustal and upper-mantle structure in the Eastern Mediterranean from the analysis of surface wave dispersion curvesDi Luccio, F.* ; Pasyanos, M. E.* 
Apr-2007Crustal shear wave velocity structure of Turkey by surface wave dispersion analysisTezel, T.* ; Erduran, M.* ; Alptekin, Ö.* 
Oct-1997Lithosphere-asthenosphere system in shield areas of North America and EuropeCalcagnile, G.* ; Del Gaudio, V.* ; Pierri, P.* 
Jun-2016Low shear velocity in a normal fault system imaged by ambient noise cross correlation: The case of the Irpinia fault zone, Southern ItalyVassallo, Maurizio* ; Festa, Gaetano* ; Bobbio, Antonella* ; Serra, Marcello* 
3-May-2007Reflection of seismic surface waves at the northern ApenninesStich, D.* ; Morelli, A.* 
Nov-2014Seismic structure beneath the Gulf of California: a contribution from group velocity measurementsDi Luccio, F.* ; Persaud, P.* ; Clayton, R.* 
2009Suboceanic Rayleigh Waves in the 1755 Lisbon EarthquakeVuan, A.* ; Rovelli, A.* ; Mele, G.* ; Priolo, E.* 
15-Jun-2007Surface wave tomography in the European and Mediterranean regionSchivardi, R. 
Dec-1994Transient stresses al Parkfield, California, produced by the M 7.4 Landers earthquake of June 28, 1992: implications for the time-dependence of fault frictionSpudich, P.* ; Steck, L. K.* ; Hellweg, M.* ; Fletcher, J. B.* ; Baker, L. M.* 
5-Sep-2012Upper mantle structure below the European continent: Constraints from surface-wave tomography and GRACE satellite gravity dataTondi, R.* ; Schivardi, R.* ; Molinari, I.* ; Morelli, A.*