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2016The borehole dilatometers network of Mt. Etna : a powerful tool to detect and infer volcano dynamicsBonaccorso, A.* ; Linde, A.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Sacks, S.* ; Sicali, A.* 
Mar-2012Coupling geochemical and geophysical signatures to constrain strain changes along thrust faultsPetrini, R.* ; Italiano, F.* ; Riggio, A.* ; Slejko, F.F.* ; Santulin, M.* ; Buccianti, A.* ; Bonfanti, P.* ; Slejko, D.* 
5-Apr-2021Crustal Strain and Stress Fields in Egypt from Geodetic and Seismological DataRashwan, Mohamed* ; Sawires, Rashad* ; Radwan, Ali M.* ; Sparacino, Federica* ; Peláez, José Antonio* ; Palano, Mimmo* 
Sep-2021Evaluation of near-surface groundwater aquifers through integrated geophysical and geodetic measurementsRadwan, Ali M.* ; Bedair, Sayed* ; Mansour, Khamis* ; Abdelrahman, Kamal* ; Rashwan, Mohamed* ; Sparacino, Federica* ; Fnais, Mohammed S.* 
10-Jul-2014Experimental study of the interplay between magmatic rift intrusion and flank instability with application to the 2001 Mount Etna eruptionLe Corvec, N.* ; Walter, T.* ; Ruch, J.* ; Bonforte, A.* ; Puglisi, G.* 
27-Jan-2013From source to surface: dynamics of Etna’s lava fountains investigated by continuous strain, magnetic, ground and satellite thermal dataBonaccorso, A.* ; Calvari, S.* ; Currenti, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Ganci, G.* ; Linde, A.* ; Napoli, R.* ; Sacks, S.* ; Sicali, A.* 
28-Jul-2006grid_strain - user's guidePesci, A.* ; Teza, G.* 
2018Long-term strain oscillations related to the hydrological interaction between aquifers in intra-mountain basins: A case study from Apennines chain (Italy)Devoti, Roberto* ; Riguzzi, Federica* ; Cinti, Francesca Romana* ; Ventura, Guido* 
Oct-1999Seismic response to stress-strain fields in the lithosphere of SicilyBarberi, G.* ; Caccamo, D.* ; De Luca, G.* ; Neri, G.* ; Scarpa, R.* 
17-Sep-2011Seismological constraints on the intrusive mechanism leading the 2001 Etna eruptionSicali, S.*; Barberi, G.* ; Cocina, O.* ; Musumeci, C.* ; Patanè, D.* 
2004Slip weakening, strain and short-termpreseismic disturbancesMorgounov, V. A. 
20-Sep-2008Tectonic features of the Lipari–Vulcano complex (Aeolian archipelago, Italy) from 10 years (1996–2006) of GPS dataMattia, M.* ; Palano, M.* ; Bruno, V.* ; Cannavò, F.* ; Bonaccorso, A.* ; Gresta, S.* 
Oct-1997Underground earth strain and seismic radiation measurements with a laser interferometer and a dense small-aperture seismic arrayAmoruso, A.* ; Crescentini, L.* ; De Luca, G.* ; Scarpa, R.* ; Abril, M.* ; Cirella, Al.*