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Jun-2000Fault plane solutions of crustal earthquakes in Southern Italy (1988-1995): seismotectonic implicationsFrepoli, A.* ; Amato, A.* 
2007Flood risk mitigation and anthropogenic modifications of a coastal plain in southern Italy combined effects over the past 150 yearsPetrucci, O.* ; Polemio, M.* 
2008Imaging the polarity switch between large seismogenic normal faults in the southern Apennines (Italy)Fracassi, U.* ; Milano, G.* ; Di Giovambattista, R.* ; Ventura, G.* 
Jul-2007Investigation on static stress interaction among the 1930 Irpinia Earthquake and other large events in Southern Apennines (Italy)Perniola, B.* ; Fracassi, U.* ; Palombo, B.* ; Pino, N. A.* 
2002New constraints on the seismic history of the Castrovillari fault in the Pollino gap (Calabria, southern Italy)Cinti, F. R.* ; Moro, M.* ; Pantosti, D.* ; Cucci, L.* ; D'Addezio, G.* 
10-Jan-2023Plio-Quaternary coastal landscape evolution of north-western Sicily (Italy)Parrino, Nicolò* ; Burrato, Pierfrancesco* ; Sulli, Attilio* ; Gasparo Morticelli, Maurizio* ; Agate, Mauro* ; Srivastava, Eshaan* ; Malik, Javed* ; Di Maggio, Cipriano* 
Feb-2008Rise and fall of a hypothesized seismic gap: source complexity in the 16 December 1857, Southern Italy earthquake (Mw 7.0) .Burrato, P.* ; Valensise, G.* 
11-Aug-2006Seismotectonics of the Southern Apennines and Adriatic foreland: insights on active regional E-W shear zones from analogue modelingDi Bucci, D.* ; Ravaglia, A.* ; Seno, S.* ; Toscani, G.* ; Fracassi, U.* ; Valensise, G.* 
1-Dec-1995State of Stress in Southern Italy from borehole breakout and focal mechanism dataAmato, A.* ; Montone, P.* ; Cesaro, M.* 
2006Trace element and isotopic variations from Mt. Vulture to Campanian volcanoes: constraints for slab detachment and mantle inflow beneath southern ItalyDe Astis, G.* ; Kempton, P. D.* ; Peccerillo, A.* ; Wu, T. W.* 
2004Trend termopluviometrici, siccità e disponibilità di acque sotterraneePolemio, M.* ; Casarano, D.* ; Dragone, V.* 
Jun-2007Unveiling the Sources of the Catastrophic 1456 Multiple Earthquake: Hints to an Unexplored Tectonic Mechanism in Southern ItalyFracassi, U.* ; Valensise, G.*