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2003Active tectonics and first paleoseismological results in Faial, Picoand S. Jorge islands (Azores, Portugal)Madeira, J.* ; Brum da Silveira, A.* 
Jun-1997Active tectonics of the Eastern Mediterranean region: deduced from GPS, neotectonic and seismicity dataBarka, A.* ; Reilinger, R.* 
23-Apr-2019Complexity of the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake causative fault system (Abruzzi Apennines, Italy) and effects on the Middle Aterno Quaternary basin arrangementPucci, Stefano* ; Villani, Fabio* ; Civico, Riccardo* ; Di Naccio, Deborah* ; Porreca, Massimiliano* ; Benedetti, L.* ; Gueli, A.* ; Stella, G.* ; Baccheschi, Paola* ; Pantosti, Daniela* 
Jan-2017Decomposing DInSAR Time-Series into 3-D in Combination with GPS in the Case of Low Strain Rates: An Application to the Hyblean Plateau, Sicily, ItalyVollrath, Andreas* ; Zucca, Francesco* ; Bekaert, David* ; Bonforte, Alessandro* ; Guglielmino, Francesco* ; Hooper, Andrew* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* 
2016Deep electrical resistivity tomography along the tectonically active Middle Aterno Valley (2009 L'Aquila earthquake area, central Italy)Pucci, Stefano* ; Civico, Riccardo* ; Villani, Fabio* ; Ricci, Tullio* ; Delcher, Eric* ; Finizola, Anthony* ; Sapia, Vincenzo* ; De Martini, Paolo Marco* ; Pantosti, Daniela* ; Barde-Cabusson, Stéphanie* ; Brothelande, Elodie* ; Gusset, Rachel* ; Mezon, Cécile* ; Orefice, Simone* ; Peltier, Aline* ; Poret, Matthieu* ; Torres, Liliana* ; Suski, Barbara* 
Jun-1998Morphotectonics of the Mascarene IslandsHantke, R.* ; Scheidegger, A. E.* 
2003Paleoseismology and slip rate of the Conway Segment of the Hope Faultat Greenburn Stream, South Island, New ZealandLangridge, R.* ; Campbell, J.* ; Hill, N.* ; Pere, V.* ; Pope, J.* ; Pettinga, J.* ; Estrada, B.* ; Berryman, K.* 
4-Oct-2016Recent mantle degassing recorded by carbonic spring deposits along sinistral strike-slip faults, south-central AustraliaRing, Uwe* ; Tonguç Uysal, I.* ; Yuce, Galip* ; Ünal-İmer, Ezgi* ; Italiano, Francesco* ; Imer, Ali* ; Zhao, Jian-xin* 
May-1995A revision of the stratigraphyfor the Middle Pleistocene continentaI deposits of Rome(CentraI Italy): palaeomagnetic dataFlorindo, F.* ; Marra, F.* 
Feb-2000South Scandinavian joints and Alpine/Atlantic-ridge tectonicsZheng, F. F.* ; Scheidegger, A. E.* 
Jun-2000The Southern Tyrrhenian subduction system: recent evolution and neotectonic implicationsArgnani, A.