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Apr-1998Are different M = a + bI0 relationships due to a statistical bias?Mucciarelli, M. 
Oct-1997Correlation between macroseismic intensities and seismic ground motion parametersPanza, G. F.* ; Cazzaro, R.* ; Vaccari, F.* 
23-Dec-2011Database Macrosismico Italiano 2011Locati, Mario* ; Camassi, Romano* ; Stucchi, Massimiliano* 
2015Difference in shaking intensity between short and tall buildings: known and new findingsSbarra, P.* ; Fodarella, A.* ; Tosi, P.* ; De Rubeis, V.* ; Rovelli, A.* 
Oct-1996Do seismologists agree upon epicentre determination from macroseismic data? A survey of ESC Working Group ' Macroseismology'Cecic, I.* ; Musson, R. M. W.* ; Stucchi, M.* 
2004The earthquake of 6 September 2002 and the seismic history of Palermo (Northern Sicily, Italy): Implications for the seismic hazard assessment of the cityAzzaro, R.* ; Barbano, M. S.* ; Camassi, R.* ; D'Amico, S.* ; Mostaccio, A.* ; Piangiamore, G. L.* ; Scarfì, L.* 
6-Sep-2010From macroseismic intensity data to the earthquake parametersLocati, Mario* ; Cassera, Andrea* ; Viganò, Daniele* ; Gomez Capera, Augusto Antonio* 
2004Historical earthquake investigation and research in ChinaWang, J. 
Apr-1998Intensity assignments from historical earthquake data: issues of certainty and qualityMusson, R. M. W. 
2015Macroseismic Intensity Assessment Method for Web QuestionnairesTosi, P.* ; Sbarra, P.* ; De Rubeis, V.* ; Ferrari, C.* 
28-Jan-2010MIDOP - Macroseismic Intensity Data Online PublisherLocati, Mario* ; Cassera, Andrea* 
Jan-2020Relationships between ground motion parameters and macroseismic intensity for ItalyGómez Capera, Augusto Antonio* ; D'Amico, Maria* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* ; Locati, Mario* ; Santulin, Marco* 
2004A review of intensity data banks onlineRubbia, G. 
Oct-1998Revision of the 1844 Palestrina earthquake following the recovery of an unpublished documentTertulliani, A.* ; Del Mese, S.* ; Di Giovambattista, R.* ; Pirro, M.* 
10-May-2022ShakeMap4‐Web: Web Application for ShakeMap 4 Product VisualizationJozinović, Dario* ; Lauciani, Valentino* ; Bruni, Sergio* ; Faenza, Licia* ; Michelini, Alberto* 
2004State-of-the-art of the historical seismology in ColombiaEspinosa Baquero, A.* ; Capera, A. A. G.* ; Salcedo Hurtado, E. J.* 
19-Aug-2012The University of Athens Hellenic Macroseismic Database for Historical EarthquakesVasiliki, Kouskouna* ; Konstantinos, Taxeidis* ; Mario, Locati* ; Giorgos, Sakkas* ; Kostas, Makropoulos* ; Massimiliano, Stucchi*