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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004The 12th century seismic paroxysmin the Middle East: a historical perspectiveAmbraseys, N. N. 
2004The 14 August 1708 Manosque, France earthquake: new constraintson the damage area from in-depth historical studiesQuenet, G.* ; Baumont, D.* ; Scotti, O.* ; Levret, A.* 
2001Active tectonics and seismic zonation of the urban area of Florence.Boccaletti, M.* ; Corti, G.* ; Gasperini, P.* ; Piccardi, L.* ; Vannucci, G.* ; Clemente, S.* 
Oct-2010Analysis of Earthquake Damage to Ancient Buildings on the San Raineri Peninsula, Messina, SicilyBottari, C.* ; Carveni, P.* ; Saccà, C.* ; Copat, B.* ; Iaria, G.* 
2015Archive of Historical Earthquake Data for the European-Mediterranean AreaRovida, Andrea* ; Locati, Mario* 
Apr-1998Are different M = a + bI0 relationships due to a statistical bias?Mucciarelli, M. 
Sep-2016ASMI, the Italian node of the European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data (AHEAD)Locati, Mario* ; Rovida, Andrea* 
2004Assessing the completeness of Italian historical earthquake dataStucchi, M.* ; Albini, P.* ; Mirto, M.* ; Rebez, A.* 
2004Australia: historical earthquake studiesMcCue, K. 
2004California earthquake historyToppozada, T.* ; Branum, D.* 
May-2013Carta della sismicità in Italia 2000-2012Pignone, M.* ; Castello, B.* ; Moschillo, R.* ; Nostro, C.* ; Selvaggi, G.* 
2022Carta della sismicità in Italia 2000-2017Pignone, Maurizio* ; Moschillo, Raffaele* ; Castello, Barbara* ; Nardi, Anna* ; Amato, Alessandro* ; Selvaggi, Giulio* ; Nostro, Concetta* 
31-Jan-2020Carta della sismicità in Italia 2000-2019Pignone, Maurizio* ; Moschillo, Raffaele* ; Castello, Barbara* ; Nardi, Anna* ; Nostro, Concetta* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* 
2004A critical history of British earthquakesMusson, R. M. W. 
2004Current knowledge on the Central America historical seismicity: an analysisof recent cataloguesMontero, W.* ; Peraldo, G.* 
2004Detection of Kuril subduction-zoneearthquakes from remote historic recordsin Honshu, Japan, between 1656 and 1867Satake, K. 
Oct-1996Determination of parameters for historicaI British earthquakesMusson, R. M. W. 
2004Early seismicity of the Scottish Borders RegionMusson, R. M. W. 
Apr-2018Establishing integrated virtual access (VA) to data and services for Engineering Seismology: the VA3 work package of the EU project SERABasili, Roberto* ; Locati, Mario* ; Luzi, Lucia* ; Lanzano, Giovanni* ; Rovida, Andrea* ; Vallone, Roberto* 
Dec-1999Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program (GSHAP) in continental AsiaZhang, P.* ; Yang, Z. X.* ; Gupta, H. K.* ; Bhatia, S. C.* ; Shedlock, K. M.*