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Oct-1998The Al Hoceima earthquake of May 26, 1994 and its aftershocks: a seismotectonic studyEl Alami, S. O.* ; Tadili, B. A.* ; Cherkaoui, T. E.* ; Medina, F.* ; Ramdani, M.* ; Brahim, L. A.* ; Harnafi, M.* 
22-Jun-2012Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and geodynamics: a 'box for thinking and working'Fregonese, R. 
13-Aug-2014Fast geodetic strain-rates in eastern Sicily (southern Italy): New insights into block tectonics and seismic potential in the area of the great 1693 earthquakeMastrolembo Ventura, B.* ; Serpelloni, E.* ; Argnani, A.* ; Bonforte, A.* ; Burgmann, R.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Baldi, P.* ; Puglisi, G.* 
2006Ground deformation and gravity changes on the Island of Pantelleria in the geodynamic framework of the Sicily ChannelBehncke, B.* ; Berrino, G.* ; Corrado, G.* ; Velardita, R.* 
2020Mantle flow below the central and greater Alpine region: insights from SKS anisotropy analysis at AlpArray and permanent stationsPetrescu, Laura* ; Pondrelli, Silvia* ; Salimbeni, Simone* ; Faccenda, Manuele* ; AlpArray Working Group Team* 
2007Mantle wedge dynamics vs crustal seismicity in the Apennines (Italy)Ventura, G.* ; Cinti, F. R.* ; Di Luccio, F.* ; Pino, N. A.* 
2005Mud volcanoes and microseepage: the forgotten geophysical components of atmospheric methane budgetEtiope, G. 
Jun-1997Neogene and Quaternary geodynamic evolution of the Italian peninsula: the contribution of paleomagnetic dataMeloni, A.* ; Alfonsi, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Speranza, F.* ; Winkler, A.* 
Jun-1997Neogene-Quaternary magmatic activity and its geodynamic implications in the Central Mediterranean regionSerri, G. 
Feb-1999Pattern of seismic deformation in the Western MediterraneanPondrelli, S. 
Aug-1997Rheological profiles in the Central- Eastern MediterraneanViti, M.* ; Albarello, D.* ; Mantovani, E.* 
Jun-1997Seismic anisotropy: an original tool to understand the geodynamic evolution of the Italian peninsulaMargheriti, L.* ; Nostro, C.* ; Amato, A.* ; Cocco, M.* 
2005Seismic constraints on the present-day kinematics of the Gargano foreland, Italy, at the transition zone between the southern and northern Apennine beltsMilano, G.* ; Di Giovambattista, R.* ; Ventura, G.* 
Apr-2009A seismic sequence from Northern Apennines (Italy) provides new insight on the role of fluids in the active tectonics of accretionary wedgesCalderoni, G.* ; Di Giovambattista, R.* ; Burrato, P.* ; Ventura, G.* 
2020Upper mantle deformation signatures of craton–orogen interaction in the Carpathian–Pannonian region from SKS anisotropy analysisPetrescu, Laura* ; Stuart, Graham W.* ; Houseman, Gregory* ; Bastow, Ian*