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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Archaeoseismology: methodological issues and procedureGaladini, F.* ; Hinzen, K. G.*; Stiros, S.*
2009Defining the causes of ancient building collapse (structural decaying vs. seismic shaking) in archaeological deposits of central ItalyGaladini, F. 
2018Development and decline of the ancient Harbor of NeapolisDi Donato, Valentino* ; Ruello, Maria Letizia* ; Liuzza, Viviana* ; Carsana, Vittoria* ; Giampaola, Daniela* ; Di Vito, Mauro Antonio* ; Morhange, Christophe* ; Cinque, Aldo* ; Russo Ermolli, Elda* 
Nov-1994Geoelectric and electromagnetic measurements within an organized archaeological framework: the Marzabotto exampleBozzo, E.* ; Lombardo, S.* ; Merlanti, F.* ; Pavan, M.* 
2020Hydrological changes during the Roman Climatic Optimum in northern Tuscany (Central Italy) as evidenced by speleothem records and archaeological dataBini, Monica* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Drysdale, Russell N* ; Fabiani, F* ; Genovesi, S* ; Hellstrom, John C.* 
2009Location of the ancient Tindari harbour from geoarchaeological investigations (NE Sicily)Bottari, C.* ; D'Amico, M.* ; Maugeri, M.* ; Bottari, A.* ; D'Addezio, G.* ; Privitera, B.* ; Tigano, G.* 
2004Multidisciplinary investigations on the Roman aqueduct of Grumentum (Basilicata, Southern Italy)Bavusi, M.* ; Chianese, D.* ; Giano, S. I.* ; Mucciarelli, M.* 
2009On the tracks of the ancient harbour of Tindari (NE Sicily)Bottari, C.* ; D’Amico, M.* ; Maugeri, M.* ; D'Addezio, G.* ; Urbini, S.* ; Marchetti, M.* ; Privitera, B.*