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Feb-20082D electrical resistivity tomographies for investigating recent activation landslides in Basilicata Region (Southern Italy)Colangelo, G.* ; Lapenna, V.* ; Loperte, A.* ; Perrone, A.* ; Telesca, L.* 
2010Adventive hydrothermal circulation on Stromboli volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy) revealed by geophysical and geochemical approaches: Implications for general fluid flow models on volcanoesFinizola, A.* ; Ricci, T.* ; Deiana, R.* ; Barde Cabusson, S.* ; Rossi, M.* ; Praticelli, N.* ; Giocoli, A.* ; Romano, G.* ; Delcher, E.* ; Suski, B.* ; Revil, A.* ; Menny, P.* ; Di Gangi, F.* ; Letort, J.* ; Peltier, A.* ; Villasante-Marcos, V.* ; Douillet, G.* ; Avard, G.* ; Lelli, M.* 
2014Geochemical and Geomorphological Analyses on Liquefaction Occurred During the 2012 Emilia Seismic SequenceSciarra, A.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Abu Zeid, N.* ; Vaccaro, C.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
6-Aug-2020Late miocene-early pliocene out-of-sequence thrusting in the Southern Apennines (Italy)Vitale, Stefano* ; Prinzi, Ernesto Paolo* ; Tramparulo, Francesco D'Assisi* ; De Paola, Claudio* ; Di Maio, Rosa* ; Piegari, Ester* ; Sabbatino, Monia* ; Natale, Jacopo* ; Notaro, Pasqualino* ; Ciarcia, Sabatino* 
2005Self-potential signals associated with preferential ground water flow pathways in a buried paleo-channelRevil, A.* ; Cary, L.* ; Fan, Q.* ; Finizola, A.* ; Trolard, F.* 
19-Apr-2015Shallow subsurface imaging of the Piano di Pezza active normal fault (central Italy) using high-resolution refraction and electrical resistivity tomography coupled with time-domain electromagnetic dataVillani, Fabio* ; Tulliani, Valerio* ; Sapia, Vincenzo* ; Fierro, Elisa* ; Civico, Riccardo* ; Baccheschi, Paola* ; Di Giulio, Giuseppe* ; Vassallo, Maurizio* ; Pantosti, Daniela* 
2015Stratigraphy, structure, and volcano-tectonic evolution of Solfatara maar-diatreme (Campi Flegrei, Italy)Isaia, Roberto* ; Vitale, Roberto* ; Di Giuseppe, Maria Giulia* ; Iannuzzi, Enrico* ; Tramparulo, Francesco D'Assisi* ; Troiano, Antonio*