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2008Did geologic emissions of methane play any role in Quaternary climate change?Etiope, G.* ; Milkov, A. V.* ; Derbyshire, E.* 
Oct-2008Estructura gravimetrica preliminar del Complejo volcanico Cerro Blanco, Puna Austral, ArgentinaDi Filippo, Michele* ; Di Nezza, Maria* ; Colombi, Antonio* ; Viramonte, José G.* ; Toro, Beniamino* 
May-1996Evidence for past earthquakes in an area of low historical seismicity: the Catalan coastal ranges, NE SpainMasana, E. 
2004Il Pliocene e il Quaternario della Media Valle del Tevere (Appennino centrale)Mancini, M.* ; Girotti, O.* ; Cavinato, G. P.* 
2013Integrated stratigraphy for the Late Quaternary in the eastern Tyrrhenian SeaLirer, F.* ; Sprovieri, M.* ; Ferraro, L.* ; Vallefuoco, M.* ; Capotondi, L.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Petrosino, P.* ; Insinga, D. D.* ; Pelosi, N.* ; Tamburrino, S.* ; Lubritto, C.* 
16-Jun-2001Interactions between mantle upwelling, drainage evolution and active normal faulting: an example from the central Apennines (Italy)D'Agostino, N.* ; Jackson, J.* ; Dramis, F.* ; Funiciello, R.* 
2009Late Quaternary deformation on the island of Pantelleria: New constraints for the recent tectonic evolution of the Sicily Channel Rift (southern Italy).Catalano, S.* ; De Guidi, G.* ; Lanzafame, G.* ; Monaco, C.* ; Tortorici, I.* 
2004Magnetostratigraphy and environmental magnetism of two Quaternary deep-sea gravity cores from the west Pacific Southern OceanVenuti, A.* ; Florindo, F.* 
Jun-2008Middle Pleistocene to Holocene activity of the Gondola Fault Zone (Southern Adriatic Foreland): deformation of a regional shear zone and seismotectonic implicationsRidente, D.* ; Fracassi, U.* ; Di Bucci, D.* ; Trincardi, F.* ; Valensise, G.* 
2004Palaeoclimatic implications of the growth history and stable isotope (y18O and y13C) geochemistry of a Middle to Late Pleistocene stalagmite from central-western ItalyDrysdale, Russell* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Hellstrom, John* ; Fallick, Anthony* ; Zhao, Jian-xin* ; Isola, Ilaria* ; Bruschi, Giuseppe* 
10-Jan-2023Plio-Quaternary coastal landscape evolution of north-western Sicily (Italy)Parrino, Nicolò* ; Burrato, Pierfrancesco* ; Sulli, Attilio* ; Gasparo Morticelli, Maurizio* ; Agate, Mauro* ; Srivastava, Eshaan* ; Malik, Javed* ; Di Maggio, Cipriano* 
Oct-2022Quaternary off-rift volcanism along a section of the East African Rift System (EARS), from the south Ethiopia to the south KenyaIsola, Ilaria* ; Mazzarini, Francesco* 
15-Jul-1998The role of pre-existing thrust faults and topography on the styles of extension in the Gran Sasso range (central Italy)D'Agostino, N.* ; Chamot-Rooke, N.* ; Funiciello, R.* ; Jolivet, L.* ; Speranza, F.* 
2011The sensitivity of the Late Saalian (140 ka) and LGM (21 ka) Eurasian ice sheets to sea surface conditionsColleoni, F.* ; Liakka, J.* ; Krinner, G.* ; Jakobsson, M.* ; Masina, S.* ; Peyaud, V.*