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24-Aug-20142014 state-of-the-art of the OGS Northeastern Italy Seismic NetworkPesaresi, Damiano* ; Saraò, Angela* ; Bragato, Pier Luigi* ; Di Bartolomeo, Paolo* ; Durì, Giorgio* ; Bertoni, Michele* 
2-May-2010Acquiring, archiving, analyzing and exchanging seismic data in real time at the Seismological Research Center of the OGS in ItalySaraò, Angela* ; Pesaresi, Damiano* ; Bragato, Pier Luigi* ; Di Bartolomeo, Paolo* ; Plasencia Linares, Milton Percy* 
4-Apr-2011Improving the seismic monitoring of North-eastern Italy: the state of the art of the North-eastern Italy (NI) Seismic Network run by OGSPesaresi, Damiano* ; Bragato, Pier Luigi* ; Saraò, Angela* ; Di Bartolomeo, Paolo* ; Plasencia Linares, Milton Percy* ; Durì, Giorgio* 
22-Jul-2013Source parameters scaling of the 2004 Kobarid (Western Slovenia) seismic sequence.Franceschina, G.* ; Gentili, S.* ; Bressan, G.* 
2008Sources of Mw 5+ earthquakes in northeastern Italy and western Slovenia: an updated view based on geological and seismological evidence.Burrato, P.* ; Poli, M. E.* ; Vannoli, P.* ; Zanferrari, A.* ; Basili, R.* ; Galadini, F.* 
24-Aug-2014Testing the "PRESTo" Early Warning Algorithm in North-Eastern Italy, Austria and Slovenia: update analysisPicozzi, Matteo* ; Elia, Luca* ; Gosar, Andrej* ; Lenhardt, Wolfgang* ; Mucciarelli, Marco* ; Pesaresi, Damiano* ; Živčić, Mladen* ; Zollo, Aldo*