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20203D crustal structure of the Eastern Alpine region from ambient noise tomographyMolinari, Irene* ; Obermann, Anne* ; Kissling, Edi* ; Hetényi, Gyorgy* ; Boschi, Lapo* ; AlpArray-EASI, Working Group* 
2008Crustal structure and Moho depth profile crossing the central Apennines (Italy) along the N42 degree parallel.Di Bona, M.* ; Lucente, F. P.* ; Piana Agostinetti, N.* 
Sep-1994Determination of Moho depth and dip beneath MEDNET station AQU by analysis of broadband receiver functionsMegna, A.* ; Morelli, A.* 
Apr-2011EPcrust : A reference crustal model for the European plateMolinari, I.* ; Morelli, A.* 
9-Sep-2008First INGV BBOBS campaign in the Ionian sea: crustal velocity model inferred from seismic data recordedD'Anna, G.* ; Mangano, G.* ; Amato, A.* ; D'Alessandro, A.* ; Piana Agostinetti, N.* 
2015Global to Local Moho Estimate Based on GOCE Geopotential Model and Local Gravity DataBarzaghi, R.* ; Reguzzoni, Mirko* ; Borghi, Alessandra* ; De Gaetani, C.* ; Sampietro, Daniele* ; Marotta, A. M.* 
Dec-2015Italian and Alpine three-dimensional crustal structure imaged by ambient-noise surface-wave dispersionMolinari, Irene* ; Verbeke, Julie* ; Boschi, Lapo* ; Kissling, Edi* ; Morelli, Andrea* 
4-Oct-2011Mapping the Moho Across the Northern and Central Apennine Chain and Eastern Sicily - The Teleseismic Receiver Functions MethodMele, Giuliana 
2018Moho Depth and Crustal Architecture Beneath the Levant Basin from Global Gravity Field ModelSampietro, Daniele* ; Mansi, Ahmed Hamdi* ; Capponi, Martina* 
2013The Moho depth map of the Antarctica regionBaranov, A.* ; Morelli, A.* 
19-Jan-1989A new picture of the Moho under the western AlpsHirn, A.* ; Nadir, S.* ; Thouvenot, F.* ; Nicolich, R.* ; Pellis, G.* ; Scarascia, S.* ; Tabacco, I.* ; Castellano, M.* ; Merlanti, F.*