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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Deep-sea survey for the detection of methane at the “Santa Maria di Leuca” cold-water coral mounds (Ionian Sea, South Italy)Etiope, G.* ; Savini, A.* ; Lo Bue, N.* ; Favali, P.* ; Corselli, C.* 
Mar-2021Draft genome of a novel methanotrophic Methylobacter sp. from the volcanic soils of Pantelleria IslandHogendoorn, Carmen* ; Picone, Nunzia* ; van Hout, Femke* ; Vijverberg, Sophie* ; Poghosyan, Lianna* ; van Alen, Theo A* ; Frank, Jeroen* ; Pol, Arjan* ; Gagliano, Antonina Lisa* ; Jetten, Mike S. M.* ; D'Alessandro, Walter* ; Quatrini, Paola* ; Op den Camp, Huub* 
Jul-2019Estimation of the geogenic carbon degassing of GreeceDaskalopoulou, Kyriaki* ; Calabrese, Sergio* ; Gagliano, Antonina Lisa* ; D'Alessandro, Walter* 
Jul-2008Evidence of Possible Enhanced Peat Burning by Deep-Origin Methane in the Po River Delta Plain (Italy)Cremonini, S.* ; Etiope, G.* ; Italiano, F.* ; Martinelli, G.* 
Nov-2009Evidence of subsurface anaerobic biodegradation of hydrocarbons and potential secondary methanogenesis in terrestrial mud volcanoesEtiope, G.* ; Feyzullayev, A.* ; Milkov, A. V.* ; Waseda, A.* ; Mizobe, K.* ; Sun, C. H.* 
7-Jan-2011Extreme methane deuterium, nitrogen and helium enrichment in natural gas from the Homorod seep (Romania)Etiope, G.* ; Baciu, C.* ; Schoell, M.* 
Mar-2011Gas seepage from Tokamachi mud volcanoes, onshore Niigata Basin (Japan): Origin, post-genetic alterations and CH4–CO2 fluxesEtiope, G.* ; Nakada, R.* ; Tanaka, K.* ; Yoshida, N.* 
2004GEM—Geologic Emissions of Methane, the missing source in the atmospheric methane budgetEtiope, G. 
2002Geologic emissions of methane to the atmosphereEtiope, G.* ; Klusman, R.* 
2010Geological MethaneEtiope, G. 
2005Global methane emission through mud volcanoes and its past and present impact on the Earth's climate. Comment.Milkov, A. V.* ; Etiope, G.* 
May-2006Methane and hydrogen sulfide seepage in the NW Peloponnesus petroliferous basin (Greece): origin and geohazardEtiope, G.* ; Papatheodorou, G.* ; Christodoulou, D.* ; Ferentinos, G.* ; Sokos, E.* ; Favali, P.* 
2004Methane emission from mud volcanoes in eastern AzerbaijanEtiope, G.* ; Feyzullaiev, A.* ; Baciu, C. L.* ; Milkov, A. V.* 
Feb-2011Methane emissions from Earth’s degassing: Implications for MarsEtiope, G.* ; Oehler, D. Z.* ; Allen, C. C.* 
Jul-2007Methane seeps and mud volcanoes in Italy: gas origin, fractionation and emission to the atmosphere.Etiope, G.* ; Martinelli, G.* ; Caracausi, A.* ; Italiano, F.* 
Mar-2009Natural emissions of methane from geological seepage in EuropeEtiope, G. 
2007Natural emissions of methane from geothermal and volcanic sources in EuropeEtiope, G.* ; Fridriksson, T.* ; Italiano, F.* ; Winiwarter, W.* ; Theloke, J.* 
2004A new estimate of global methane flux from onshore and shallow submarine mud volcanoes to the atmosphereEtiope, G.* ; Milkov, A.* 
2-Aug-2020Shallow submarine mud volcano in the northern Tyrrhenian sea, ItalySaroni, Anna* ; Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Eich, Andreas* ; Weber, Miriam* ; Lott, Christian* ; Ferretti, Giacomo* ; Ivaldi, Roberta* ; Coltorti, Massimo* 
2023Sources and migration pathways of methane and light hydrocarbons in the subsurface of the Southern Po River Basin (Northern Italy)Ricci, Andrea* ; Cremonini, Stefano* ; Severi, Paolo* ; Tassi, Franco* ; Vaselli, Orlando* ; Rizzo, Andrea Luca* ; Caracausi, Antonio* ; Grassa, Fausto* ; Fiebig, Jens* ; Capaccioni, Bruno*