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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Apr-2018The 03-09 December 2015 Etna eruption volcanic parameters retrieved using Volcanic Plume Removal procedure on EVER-EST project platformStelitano, Dario* ; Manzo, Ciro* ; Guerrieri, Lorenzo* ; Corradini, Stefano* ; Merucci, Luca* ; Romaniello, Vito* ; Trasatti, Elisa* ; Salvi, Stefano* ; Rubbia, Giuliana* 
201040 Ar/ 39 Ar radiometric dating to constrain the volcanic stratigraphy: The Mt. Etna methodological case.De Beni, E.* ; Groppelli, G.* 
Feb-2008Advanced satellite technique for volcanic activity monitoring and early warningPergola, N.* ; Marchese, F.* ; Tramutoli, V.* ; Filizzola, C.* ; Ciampa, M.* 
6-May-2008Aggiornamento Geochimica del 06/05/2008Burton, M.* ; Caltabiano, T.* ; Giammanco, S.* ; La Spina, A.* ; Salerno, G.* ; Bruno, N.* ; Consoli, S.* ; Longo, V.* ; Muré, F.* ; Randazzo, D.* 
2006Analysis of simultaneous gravity and tremor anomalies observed during the 2002-2003 Etna eruptionCarbone, D.* ; Zuccarello, L.* ; Saccorotti, G.* ; Greco, F.* 
2007Analysis of the 2001 lava flow eruption of Mt. Etna from three-dimensional mappingColtelli, M.* ; Proietti, C.* ; Branca, S.* ; Marsella, M.* ; Andronico, D.* ; Lodato, L.* 
5-Dec-2011Analysis of the recharging of the volcanic feeder at Mt. Etna using pattern classification of volcanic tremor data and comparison with recent seismic tomographyFalsaperla, S.* ; Barberi, G.* ; Cocina, O.* 
8-Oct-2010Anatomy of an unstable volcano from InSAR: Multiple processes affecting flank instability at Mt. Etna, 1994–2008Solaro, G.*; Acocella, V.*; Pepe, S.*; Ruch, J.*; Neri, M.* ; Sansosti, E.*
2003The application of a long-range laser scanner for monitoring volcanic activity on Mount EtnaHunter, G.* ; Pinkerton, H.* ; Airey, R.* ; Calvari, S.* 
Jun-2015Application of a multi­station alert method for short­-term forecasting of eruptions at Etna, ItalySpampinato, S.* ; Messina, A.* ; Langer, H.* ; Falsaperla, S.* 
2013Are the Salinelle mud volcanoes threatening human health or are anthropogenic activities threatening the Salinelle mud volcanoes? A comment on “Trace element biomonitoring using mosses in urban areas affected by mud volcanoes around Mt. Etna. The case of the Salinelle, Italy” by Bonanno et al. (DOI 10.1007/s10661-011-2332-z)D'Alessandro, W.* ; Bellomo, S.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Calabrese, S.* 
1-Dec-2011Atmospheric sources and sinks of volcanogenic elements in a basaltic volcano (Etna, Italy)Calabrese, S.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Allard, P.* ; Bagnato, E.* ; Bellomo, S.* ; Brusca, L.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Parello, F.* 
12-Jan-2013Atmospheric water vapour tomography for DInSAR application and effect of volcanic plume on the microwavesAranzulla, Massimo 
2008Automatic classification of volcanic tremor using Support Vector MachineMasotti, M.* ; Falsaperla, S.* ; Langer, H.* ; Spampinato, S.* ; Campanini, R.* 
2012The case of the 1981 eruption of Mount Etna: An example of very fast moving lava flowsColtelli, M.* ; Marsella, M.* ; Proietti, C.* ; Scifoni, S.* 
8-Sep-2011Catania e l'eruzione dell'Etna del 1669Ciuccarelli, C.* ; Bianchi, M.G.* 
2-Sep-2018Challenges in UV camera-based real-time SO2 flux monitoring: insights from 5 years of continuous observations at Etna ad StromboliAiuppa, Alessandro* ; Bitetto, Marcello* ; Delle Donne, Dario* ; D'Aleo, Roberto* ; Lo Coco, Eleonora* ; Battaglia, Angelo* ; Coltelli, Mauro* ; Coppola, Diego* ; Pecora, Emilio* ; Ripepe, Maurizio* ; Tamburello, Giancarlo* 
2006Changing conditions of magma ascent and fragmentation during the Etna 122 BC basaltic Plinian eruption: Evidence from clast microtexturesSable, J. E.* ; Houghton, B. F.* ; Del Carlo, P.* ; Coltelli, M.* 
9-May-2008The changing face of Mount Etna’s summit area documented with Lidar technologyNeri, M.* ; Mazzarini, F.* ; Tarquini, S.* ; Bisson, M.* ; Isola, I.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* 
2006The changing morphology of an open lava channel on Mt. EtnaBailey, J. E.* ; Harris, A. J. L.* ; Dehn, J.* ; Calvari, S.* ; Rowland, S. K.*