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Aug-2009The 2nd century AD earthquake in central Italy: archaeoseismological data and seismotectonic implicationsCeccaroni, E.* ; Ameri, G.* ; Gomez Capera, A. A.* ; Galadini, F.* 
2009Archaeological Evidence for Destructive Earthquakes in Sicily between 400 B.C. and A.D. 600Bottari, C.* ; Stiros, S. C.* ; Teramo, A.* 
2010Archaeoseismological evidence of a disruptive Late AntiqueGaladini, F.* ; Ceccaroni, E.*; Falcucci, E.* 
2016Archeoseismology in Sicily: past earthquakes and effects on societyBottari, C. 
20-Nov-2012Building collapse and deformation in the archaeological site of Abakainon (NE Sicily): a possible earthquake in the 2nd century BC?Bottari, C.* ; Barbano, M.S.* ; Pirrotta, C.* ; Azzaro, R.* 
2009Defining the causes of ancient building collapse (structural decaying vs. seismic shaking) in archaeological deposits of central ItalyGaladini, F. 
2015Evidence of Late Roman collapse at Catania (Sicily, southern Italy): An earthquake in the 4th century AD?Bottari, C.* ; Coltelli, M.* ; Monaco, C.* 
5-Sep-2020How to reveal unknown hidden faults and historical earthquake damage applying multidisciplinary methods in archaeological sites: The case of mid- third century CE Mt. Etna earthquake (Eastern Sicily, Italy)Bottari, Carla* ; Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Cavallaro, Danilo* ; Sortino, Francesco* ; Scudero, Salvatore* ; Amari, S* ; Bonfanti, Pietro* ; Daolio, M* ; Groppelli, Gianluca* 
2014Integration of historical, archaeoseismic and paleoseismological data for the reconstruction of the early seismic history in Messina Strait (South Italy): the 1st and 4th centuries AD earthquakesBarbano, Maria Serafina* ; Castelli, Viviana* ; Pantosti, Daniela* ; Pirrotta, Claudia*