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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The 3D Attenuation Structure of Deception Island (Antarctica)Prudencio, J.* ; De Siena, L.* ; Ibanez, J. M.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Garcia-Yeguas, A.* ; Diaz-Moreno, A.* 
3-Aug-2010Active tectonics in the Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) inferred from the integration of GPS data and geological settingDubbini, M.* ; Cianfarra, P.* ; Casula, G.* ; Capra, A.* ; Salvini, F.* 
25-Apr-2022Analysis of fine-scale dynamics of the Drygalski ice tongue in Antarctica using satellite SAR dataZahriban Hesari, Mozhgan* ; Nunziata, Ferdinando* ; Aulicino, Giuseppe* ; Buono, Andrea* ; Migliaccio, Maurizio* 
2003Analysis of strong wind events around Adelie Land, East AntarcticaNaithani, J.* ; Argentini, S.* ; Schayes, G.* ; Mastrantonio, G.* 
2013Antarctic geomagnetic reference model updated to 2010 and provisionally to 2012Tozzi, R.* ; De Santis, A.* ; Gaya-Piqué, L.-R.* 
29-Mar-2016Antarctic ice sheet sensitivity to atmospheric CO2 variations in the early to mid-MioceneLevy, Richard* ; Harwood, David* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Sangiorgi, Francesca* ; Tripati, Robert* ; von Eynatten, Hilmar* ; Gasson, Edward* ; Kuhn, Gerhard* ; Tripati, Aradhna* ; DeConto, Robert* ; Fielding, Christopher* ; Field, Brad* ; Golledge, Nicholas* ; McKay, Robert* ; Naish, Timothy* ; Olney, Matthew* ; Pollard, David* ; Schouten, Stefan* ; Talarico, Franco* ; Warny, Sophie* ; Willmott, Veronica* ; Acton, Gary* ; Panter, Kurt* ; Paulsen, Timothy* ; Taviani, Marco* ; Montone, Paola* ; Del Carlo, Paola* ; Pierdominici, Simona* ; Sagnotti, Leonardo* 
2-May-2009The Antarctic Seismographic Argentinean Italian Network - ASAIN Improving the instrumental coverage in AntarcticaRussi, M.* ; Cravos, C.* ; Pesaresi, D.* ; Cravos, C.* 
Jan-2005Apparent magnetic polarity reversals due to remagnetization resulting from late diagenetic growth of greigite from sideriteSagnotti, L.* ; Roberts, A. P.*; Weaver, R.*; Verosub, K. L.*; Florindo, F.* ; Pike, C. R.*; Clayton, T.*; Wilson, G. S.*
19-Apr-2009Cenozoic magmatism of north Victoria Land, Antarctica: an experimental study on the mantle source of a primary basanite from the McMurdo Volcanic GroupArmienti, Pietro* ; Freda, Carmela* ; Misiti, Valeria* ; Perinelli, Cristina* 
2006Crustal Structure Across Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica, From Receiver Function AnalysisDemartin, M.* ; Roselli, P.* ; Piana Agostinetti, N.* ; Cattaneo, M.* 
2012Cyclochronology of the Eocene–Oligocene transition from the Cape Roberts Project-3 core, Victoria Land basin, AntarcticaGaleotti, S.* ; Lanci, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Naish, T. R.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Sandroni, S.* ; Talarico, F. M.* 
2006Deep Drilling with the ANDRILL Program in AntarcticaHarwood, D.* ; levy, R.* ; Cowie, J.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Naish, T.* ; Powell, R.* ; Pyne, A.* 
2012Development of a 22 GHz ground-based 1 spectrometer for middle atmospheric water vapour monitoringBertagnolio, P. P.* ; Muscari, G.* ; Baskaradas, J. A.* 
7-Nov-2011The development of a new 22 GHz microwave spectrometer for monitoring middle atmospheric water vapour at polar latitudesBertagnolio, P. P.* ; Muscari, G.* 
2009Downhole Measurements in the AND-2A Borehole, ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project, AntarcticaWonik, T.* ; Grelle, T.* ; Handwerger, D.* ; Jarrard, R. D.* ; McKee, A.* ; Patterson, T.* ; Paulsen, T.* ; Pierdominici, S.* ; Schmitt, D. R.* ; Schröder, H.* ; Speece, M.* ; Wilson, T.* ; the ANDRIL-SMS Science Team* 
Nov-2011Early and middle Miocene Antarctic glacial history from the sedimentary facies distribution in the AND-2A drill hole, Ross Sea, AntarcticaPasschier, S.* ; Browne, G.* ; Field, B.* ; Fielding, C. R.* ; Krissek, L. A.* ; Panter, K.* ; Pekar, S. F.* ; ANDRILL-SMS Science Team,* 
2012Early Miocene volcanic activity and paleoenvironment conditions recorded in tephra layers of the AND-2A core (southern McMurdo Sound, Antarctica)Di Roberto, A.* ; Del Carlo, P.* ; Rocchi, S.* ; Panter, K. S.* 
2-May-2010Effect of blowing snow on surface mass balance of East AntarcticaFrezzotti, M.* ; Scarchilli, C.* ; Urbini, S.* 
6-May-2013Environmental magnetic record of paleoclimate, unroofing of the Transantarctic Mountains, and volcanism in late Eocene to early Miocene glaci-marine sediments from the Victoria Land Basin, Ross Sea, AntarcticaRoberts, A. P.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Bohaty, S. M.* ; Verosub, K. L.* ; Wilson, G. S.* ; Zachos, J. C.* 
Jul-2001Environmental magnetism of Antarctic Late Pleistocene sediments and interhemispheric correlation of climatic eventsSagnotti, L.* ; Macrì, P.* ; Camerlenghi, A.* ; Rebesco, M.*