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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Macroseismic effects highlight site response in Rome and its geological signatureSbarra, P.* ; De Rubeis, V.* ; Di Luzio, E.* ; Mancini, M.* ; Moscatelli, M.* ; Stigliano, F.* ; Tosi, P.* ; Vallone, R* 
Sep-2013Mirror-like faults and power dissipation during earthquakesFondriest, M.* ; Smith, S. A. F.* ; Candela, T.* ; Nielsen, S. B.* ; Mair, K.* ; Di Toro, G.* 
2006Natural and Experimental Evidence of Melt Lubrication of Faults During EarthquakesDi Toro, G.* ; Hirose, T.* ; Nielsen, S.* ; Pennacchioni, G.* ; Shimamoto, T.* 
Dec-1996New trends in active faulting studies for seismic hazard assessmentBoschi, E.* ; et. alt* 
2004Non-Poisson distribution of the time distances between two consecutive clusters of earthquakesPalatella, L.* ; Allegrini, P.* ; Grigolini, P.* ; Latora, V.* ; Mega, M. S.* ; Rapisarda, A.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* 
2003Seismic features of the June 1999 tectonic swarm in the Stromboli volcano region, ItalyFalsaperla, S.* ; Alparone, S.* ; Spampinato, S.* 
2013Seismological features of the Pernicana–Provenzana Fault System (Mt. Etna, Italy) and implications for the dynamics of northeastern flank of the volcanoAlparone, S.* ; Cocina, O.* ; Gambino, S.* ; Mostaccio, A.* ; Spampinato, S.* ; Tuvè, T.* ; Ursino, A.* 
Nov-1995Short notes from a journey through earthquakes and historical recordsStucchi, M. 
Jun-2001Significance of earthquake-related anomalies in fluids of Val D'Agri (southern Italy)ltaliano, F.* ; Martelli, M.* ; Martinelli, G.* ; Nuccio, P. M.* ; Paternoster, M.* 
2006Source parameters and scaling relationships in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Northeastern Italy) regionFranceschina, G.* ; Kravanja, S.* ; Bressan, G.* 
22-Jul-2013Source parameters scaling of the 2004 Kobarid (Western Slovenia) seismic sequence.Franceschina, G.* ; Gentili, S.* ; Bressan, G.* 
Sep-2000Spostamenti rilevati alle stazioni GPS della rete IGM95 poste nell'area dell'Appennino umbro-marchigiano dopo gli eventi sismici del settembre-ottobre 1997Anzidei, M.* ; Baldi, P.* ; Casula, G.* ; Galvani, A.* ; Pesci, A.* ; Zanutta, A.* 
14-Dec-2009Testing of a Prototype Tsunami Early Warning System for the Coasts of ItalyRomano, F.* ; Piatanesi, A.* ; Lorito, S.* 
Sep-2017Time-dependent Coulomb stress changes induced by the 2002-2003 Etna magmatic intrusions and implications on following seismic activitiesPulvirenti, F.* ; Aloisi, M.* ; Jin, S.* 
26-Oct-2000Volcanological inferences from seismic-strain tensor computations at Mt. Etna Volcano, SicilyBarberi, G.* ; Cocina, O.* ; Neri, G.* ; Privitera, E.* ; Spampinato, S.* 
Dec-2009Web based macroseismic survey of 2009 L’Aquila earthquakes sequenceSbarra, P.* ; Tosi, P.* ; De Rubeis* ; Ferrari, C.* 
24-Sep-2012The WEB development of the UPStrat-MAFA projectSansivero, F.* ; Zonno, G.* ; Olafsson, S.* 
2010Web-based macroseismic survey in Italy: method validation and resultsSbarra, P.* ; Tosi, P.* ; De Rubeis, V.* 
Jul-2014X- and C-Band SAR Surface Displacement for the 2013 Lunigiana Earthquake (Northern Italy): A Breached Relay Ramp?Stramondo, S.* ; Vannoli, P.* ; Cannelli, V.* ; Polcari, M.* ; Melini, D.* ; Samsonov, S.* ; Moro, M.* ; Bignami, C.* ; Saroli, M.*