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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Dec-2020Crustal deformation, active tectonics and seismic potential in the Sicily Channel (Central Mediterranean), along the Nubia-Eurasia plate boundaryPalano, Mimmo* ; Ursino, Andrea* ; Spampinato, Salvatore* ; Sparacino, Federica* ; Polonia, Alina* ; Gasperini, Luca* 
5-Apr-2021Crustal Strain and Stress Fields in Egypt from Geodetic and Seismological DataRashwan, Mohamed* ; Sawires, Rashad* ; Radwan, Ali M.* ; Sparacino, Federica* ; Peláez, José Antonio* ; Palano, Mimmo* 
Sep-2021Evaluation of near-surface groundwater aquifers through integrated geophysical and geodetic measurementsRadwan, Ali M.* ; Bedair, Sayed* ; Mansour, Khamis* ; Abdelrahman, Kamal* ; Rashwan, Mohamed* ; Sparacino, Federica* ; Fnais, Mohammed S.* 
16-Mar-2020Geodetic Deformation versus Seismic Crustal Moment-Rates: Insights from the Ibero-Maghrebian RegionSparacino, Federica* ; Palano, Mimmo* ; Peláez, José Antonio* ; Fernández, José* 
4-Nov-2020Geopositioning time series from offshore platforms in the Adriatic SeaPalano, Mimmo* ; Pezzo, Giuseppe* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* ; Devoti, Roberto* ; D'Agostino, Nicola* ; Gandolfi, Stefano* ; Sparacino, Federica* ; Anderlini, Letizia* ; Poluzzi, Luca* ; Tavasci, Luca* ; Macini, Paolo* ; Pietrantonio, Grazia* ; Riguzzi, Federica* ; Antoncecchi, Ilaria* ; Ciccone, Francesco* ; Rossi, Giada* ; Avallone, Antonio* ; Selvaggi, Giulio* 
25-Aug-2021Seismic and Geodetic Crustal Moment-Rates Comparison: New Insights on the Seismic Hazard of EgyptSawires, Rashad* ; Peláez, José Antonio* ; Sparacino, Federica* ; Radwan, Ali M.* ; Rashwan, Mohamed* ; Palano, Mimmo*