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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The influence of faulting style on the size-distribution of global earthquakesPetruccelli, Antonio* ; Schorlemmer, Danijel* ; Tormann, Thessa* ; Rinaldi, Antonio Pio* ; Wiemer, Stefan* ; Gasperini, Paolo* ; Vannucci, Gianfranco* 
Aug-2016Modeling earthquake effects on groundwater levels: evidences from the 2012 Emilia earthquake (Italy)Nespoli, Massimo* ; Todesco, Micol* ; Serpelloni, Enrico* ; Belardinelli, Maria Elina* ; Bonafede, Maurizio* ; Marcaccio, Marco* ; Rinaldi, Antonio Pio* ; Anderlini, Letizia* ; Gualandi, Adriano* 
30-Sep-2010Modeling of unrest signals in heterogeneous hydrothermal systemsTodesco, M.* ; Rinaldi, A. P.* ; Bonafede, M.* 
Aug-2008MONITORING AND MODELLING HYDROTHERMAL PANAREA SYSTEM (AEOLIAN ISLAND): GPS AND VOLCANOLOGICAL DATAEsposito, A.* ; Pietrantonio, G.* ; Devoti, R.* ; Anzidei, M.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Rinaldi, A. P.* ; Todesco, M.* ; Atzori, S.* 
2019Simultaneous dependence of the earthquake-size distributionon faultingstyle and depthPetruccelli, Antonio* ; Gasperini, Paolo* ; Tormann, Thessa* ; Schorlemmer, Danijel* ; Rinaldi, Antonio Pio* ; Vannucci, Gianfranco* ; Wiemer, Stefan* 
Nov-2017TOUGH2-seed: A coupled fluid flow and mechanical-stochastic approach to model injection-induced seismicityRinaldi, Antonio P.* ; Nespoli, Massimo*