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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Results of gas flux records in the seismically active area of Val d'Agri (Southern Italy)Colangelo, G.* ; Heinicke, J.* ; Koch, U.* ; Lapenna, V.* ; Martinelli, G.* ; Telesca, L.* 
30-Jun-2005Scaling characteristics of local geomagnetic field and seismicity at Etna volcano and their dynamics in relation to the eruptive activityCurrenti, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Lapenna, V.* ; Telesca, L.* 
Nov-1994Self-potential time series analysis in a seismic area of the Southern Apennines: preliminary resultsDi Bello, G.* ; Lapenna, V.* ; Satriano, C.* ; Tramutoli, V.* 
Apr-2001Short time scale laws in self-potentialsignals from two different seismically active Mediterranean areas(the Southern Apennine chainand Crete Island)Colangelo, G.* ; Lanfredi, M.* ; Lapenna, V.* ; Macchiato, M.* ; Vallianatos, F.* 
Apr-2000Tomographic analysis of self-potential data in a seismic area of Southern ItalyLapenna, V.* ; Patella, D.* ; Piscitelli, S.* 
Nov-2008Using the ERT method in tectonically active areas: hints from Southern Apennine (Italy)Giocoli, A.* ; Burrato, P.* ; Galli, P.* ; Lapenna, V.* ; Piscitelli, S.* ; Rizzo, E.* ; Romano, G.* ; Siniscalchi, A.* ; Magrì, C.* ; Vannoli, P.* 
2004Wavelet analysis as a tool to characteriseand remove environmental noisefrom self-potential time seriesChianese, D.* ; Colangelo, G.* ; D'Emilio, M.* ; Lanfredi, M.* ; Lapenna, V.* ; Ragosta, M.* ; Macchiato, M. F.*