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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2016How fast was the Matuyama-Brunhes geomagnetic reversal? A new subcentennial record from the Sulmona Basin, central ItalySagnotti, L.* ; Giaccio, B.* ; Liddicoat, J. C.* ; Nomade, S.* ; Renne, P. R.* ; Scardia, G.* ; Sprain, C. J.* 
2016Independent 40 Ar/ 39 Ar and 14 C age constraints on the last five glacial terminations from the aggradational successions of the Tiber River, Rome (Italy)Marra, Fabrizio* ; Rohling, E. J.* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Jicha, B.* ; Nomade, S.* ; Pereira, A.* ; Renne, P. R.* 
2009Large mafic eruptions at Alban Hills Volcanic District (Central Italy): Chronostratigraphy, petrography and eruptive behaviorMarra, F.* ; Karner, D. B.* ; Freda, C.* ; Gaeta, M.* ; Renne, P.* 
2019On the reliability of the Matuyama–Brunhes record in the Sulmona Basin—Comment to ‘A reappraisal of the proposed rapid Matuyama–Brunhes geomagnetic reversal in the Sulmona Basin, Italy’ by Evans and Muxworthy (2018)Sagnotti, Leonardo* ; Giaccio, Biagio* ; Liddicoat, Joseph C.* ; Caricchi, Chiara* ; Nomade, Sebastien* ; Renne, Paul R.* 
2006Radiometric age constraints for glacial terminations IX and VIIFlorindo, F.* ; Karner, D.* ; Marra, F.* ; Renne, P.* ; Roberts, A.* ; Weaver, R.* 
Aug-2006Tephrochronology in faulted Middle Pleistocene tephra layer in the Val d’Agri area (Southern Italy)D'Addezio, G.* ; Karner, D. B.* ; Burrato, P.* ; Insinga, D.* ; Maschio, L.* ; Ferranti, L.* ; Renne, P. R.*