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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The relation among seismic activity, volcanic rock emplacement and Bouguer anomalies in ItalyScalera, G. 
Dec-2009Roberto Mantovani (1854-1933) and his ideas on the expanding Earth, as revealed by his correspondence and manuscriptsScalera, G. 
May-2003Roberto Mantovani an Italian defender of the continental drift and planetary expansionScalera, G. 
2011Roots of modern geodynamical views in Schiaparelli's thought – The volcano-seismic correlation events on the AndesScalera, G. 
May-2003Samuel Warren Carey - Commemorative memoirScalera, G. 
8-Jan-2015The Sea Level Enigmatic Rising -- New Perspectives from an Expanding GlobeScalera, G. 
1993Seismic hazard in Irpinia and considerations about the seismogenic areaScalera, G.* ; Favali, P.* ; Smriglio, G.* ; Frugoni, F.* ; Vinci, L.* 
2019Sequenza di mappe paleogeografiche del tardo triassico assistite dal gpmdbScalera, Giancarlo 
Jun-2007South American Pacific margin as key target for geosciences and general cultureScalera, G. 
4-Oct-2011South American Volcanoes and Great EarthquakesScalera, G. 
Jul-2020SUPPLEMENTARY TABLES & MAPS TO “Late Triassic sequence of paleogeographic maps assisted by the GPMDB”Scalera, Giancarlo 
Mar-2007Terremoti, trasformazioni di fase, catene a pieghe: è possibile una nuova prospettiva globale?Scalera, G. 
2004Una città ideale: città d'irpinia - Proposta di un insediamento antisismico ed ecologico sperimentaleScalera, G. 
2013The vague volcano-seismic clock of the South American Pacific marginScalera, G. 
1992Valutazione di parametri connessi con lo studio della pericolosità sismicaFavali, P.* ; Scalera, G.* ; Smriglio, G.* ; Frugoni, F.* ; Vinci, L.* 
26-Aug-2013Variable Radius CartographyScalera, G. 
Dec-2012The Volcano-Seismic Clock of the South American Pacific Margin - A Possible First Link Between Natural Disasters Prevention and Expanding EarthScalera, G.