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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015La cartografia a raggio variabile – nascita e prospettive di una disciplina sperimentaleScalera, G. 
Sep-2010La plate tectonics è una concezione “ticonica”?Scalera, G. 
Sep-2017Le Geoscienze possono far progredire il concetto di etere?Scalera, Giancarlo 
Sep-2006Mattia Damiani (1705–1776), poet and scientist in eighteenth century TuscanyScalera, G. 
1-Nov-2005A new interpretation of the Mediterranean arcs: Mantle wedge intrusion instead of subductionScalera, G. 
2004A new interpretation of the origin of the wadatibenioff zones in the mediterranean regionScalera, G. 
Oct-2007A new model of orogenic evolutionScalera, G. 
1993Non-chaotic emplacements of trench-arc zones in the Pacific HemisphereScalera, G. 
Sep-1993Non-chaotic emplacements of trench-arc zones in the Pacific HemisphereScalera, G. 
1-Sep-1983On a local hidden-variable model with unusual propertiesScalera, G. 
1-Jan-1977On local causality and the quantum-mechanical state vectorGaruccio, A.* ; Scalera, G.* ; Selleri, F.* 
May-2003Ott Christoph Hilgenberg in twentieth-century geophysicsScalera, G.* ; Braun, T.* 
1-Jan-1996Palaeomagnetic database: The effect of quality filtering for geodynamic studiesScalera, G.* ; Favali, P.* ; Florindo, F.* 
Nov-1998Paleogeographical reconstructions compatible with Earth dilatationScalera, G. 
2009The Proterozoic Position of India in an Expanding Earth PaleogeographyScalera, Giancarlo 
1997The relation among seismic activity, volcanic rock emplacement and Bouguer anomalies in ItalyScalera, G. 
Dec-2009Roberto Mantovani (1854-1933) and his ideas on the expanding Earth, as revealed by his correspondence and manuscriptsScalera, G. 
May-2003Roberto Mantovani an Italian defender of the continental drift and planetary expansionScalera, G. 
2011Roots of modern geodynamical views in Schiaparelli's thought – The volcano-seismic correlation events on the AndesScalera, G.