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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2009Oblique-incidence ionospheric soundings over Central Europe and their application for testing now casting and long term prediction modelsPietrella, M.* ; Perrone, L.* ; Fontana, G.* ; Romano, V.* ; Malagnini, A.* ; Tutone, G.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Cander, Lj. R.* ; Belehaki, A.* ; Tsagouri, I.* ; Kouris, S. S.* ; Vallianatos, F.* ; Makris, J.* ; Angling, M.* 
Oct-1997On the origin of medium-period ionospheric waves and their possible modelling: a short reviewDominici, P.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
Aug-2009"Preface" at "COST 296 MIERS Mitigation of Ionospheric Effects on Radio Systems FINAL REPORTBourdillon, A.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
Apr-1994Preliminary results on the ionospheric structure at dawn time observed during HRIS campaignsDominici, P.* ; Bianchi, C.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; De Franceschi, G.* ; Scotto, C.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
2002Proposed terminology for the classification and parameters for the quantification of variability in ionosphere morphologyBradley, P. A.* ; Cander, L. R.* 
2002Regional GPS receiver networks for monitoring local mid-latitude total electron contentVernon, A.* ; Cander, L. R.* 
2007Science Rational for MIERS/IRI CollaborationCander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
Feb-1999Short-term prediction of ionospheric parameters based on auto-correlation analysisKutiev, I.* ; Muhtarov, P.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Levy, M. F.* 
Aug-2005Space weather and RF communications: Monitoring and modellingCander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* 
Aug-1996Status of available N(h) model profilesCander, L. R.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Bradley, P. A.* 
5-Dec-2012Testing the three-dimensional IRI-SIRMUP-P mapping of the ionosphere for disturbed periodsPezzopane, M.* ; Pietrella, M.* ; Pignatelli, A.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Cander, Lj. R.* 
2004Total electron content - A key parameterin propagation: measurement and usein ionospheric imagingKersley, L.* ; Malan, D.* ; Pryse, S. E.* ; Cander, L. R.* ; Bamford, R. A.* ; Belehaki, A.* ; Leitinger, R.* ; Radicella, S. M.* ; Mitchell, C. N.* ; Spencer, P. S. J.* 
15-Sep-2017An updating of the SIRM modelPerna, L.* ; Pezzopane, M.* ; Pietrella, M.* ; Zolesi, Bruno* ; Cander, L.R.* 
Aug-2006Within-the-hour variability: levels and their probabilitiesKouris, S. S.* ; Polimeris, K. V.* ; Romano, V.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Cander, L. R.*