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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Aug-2013The effect of particle size on the rheology of liquid-solid mixtures with application to lava flows: Results from analogue experimentsDel Gaudio, P.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Taddeucci, J.* 
2004Effects of the hydrothermal circulation on the strain field of the Campanian Plain (southern Italy)Milano, G.* ; Petrazzuoli, S.* ; Ventura, G.* 
2008Emplacement mechanism of gravity flows inferred fromhigh resolution Lidar data: The 1944 Somma–Vesuvius lava flow (Italy)Ventura, G.* ; Vilardo, G.* 
2006Enclaves provide new insights on the dynamics of magma mingling: a case study from Salina Island (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)Ventura, G.* ; Del gaudio, P.* ; Iezzi, G.* 
31-Jan-2013Enhanced crystal fabric analysis of a lava flow sample by neutron texture diffraction: A case study from the Castello d’Ischia domeWalter, J. M.* ; Iezzi, G.* ; Albertini, G.* ; Gunther, M. E.* ; Piochi, M.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Jansen, E.* ; Fiori, F.* 
2005Estimates of fluid pressure and tectonic stress in hydrothermal/volcanic areas:a methodological approachVentura, G.* ; Vilardo, G.* 
2020Evolution of textures, crystal size distributions and growth rates of plagioclase, clinopyroxene and spinel crystallized at variable cooling rates from a mid-ocean ridge basaltic meltGiuliani, Letizia* ; Iezzi, Gianluca* ; Vetere, Francesco* ; Behrens, Harald* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Cauti, Federica* ; Ventura, Guido* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* 
28-Jan-2011Experimental solidification of an andesitic melt by coolingIezzi, G.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Torresi, G.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Cavallo, A.* ; Scarlato, P.* 
2008Experimental solidification of anhydrous latitic and trachytic melts at different cooling rates: the role of nucleation kineticsIezzi, G.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Cavallo, A.* ; Romano, C.* 
Jan-2003Fault geometries from the space distribution of the 1990–1997Vilardo, G.* ; Nappi, R.* ; Palma, P.* ; Ventura, G.* 
2014First documented deep submarine explosive eruptions at the Marsili Seamount (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy): A case of historical volcanism in the Mediterranean SeaIezzi, G.* ; Caso, C.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Vallefuoco, M.* ; Cavallo, A.* ; Beherens, H.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Paltrinieri, D.* ; Signanini, P.* ; Vetere, F.* 
27-Dec-2018Flow Behavior of Clay‐Silt to Sand‐Silt Water‐Rich Suspensions at Low to High Shear Rates: Implications for Slurries, Transitional Flows, and Submarine Debris‐FlowsDel Gaudio, Pierdomenico* ; Ventura, Guido* 
2018Fluid Vents, Flank Instability, and Seafloor Processes along the Submarine Slopes of the Somma-Vesuvius Volcano, Eastern Tyrrhenian MarginPassaro, Salvatore* ; Sacchi, Marco* ; Tamburrino, Stella* ; Ventura, Guido* 
2004Fumarolic and diffuse soil degassing west of Mount Epomeo, Ischia, ItalyChiodini, G.* ; Avino, R.* ; Brombach, T.* ; Caliro, S.* ; Cardellini, C.* ; De Vita, S.* ; Frondini, F.* ; Granieri, D.* ; Marotta, E.* ; Ventura, G.* 
29-Nov-2011Geochemical features of the gas phase extracted from sea-water and rocks of the Marsili seamount (Tyrrhenian sea, Italy): implications for geothermal exploration projectsItaliano, Francesco* ; Caso, Carlo* ; Cavallo, Andrea* ; Favali, Paolo* ; Fu, Chen* ; Iezzi, Gianluca* ; Martelli, Mauro* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Paltrinieri, Diego* ; Paonita, Antonio* ; Rizzo, Andrea* ; Signanini, Patrizio* ; Ventura, Guido* 
2006Geochemistry of the submarine gaseous emissions of Panarea (Aeolian Islands, Southern Italy): magmatic vs. hydrothermal origin and implications for volcanic surveillanceChiodini, G.* ; Caliro, S.* ; Caramanna, G.* ; Granieri, D.* ; Minopoli, C.* ; Moretti, R.* ; Perrotta, L.* ; Ventura, G.* 
2008Geomorphological map of the 1944 Vesuvius lava flow (Italy).Vilardo, G.* ; Ventura, G.* 
2005Geomorphological map of the Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex (Italy)Ventura, G.* ; Vilardo, G.* ; Bronzino, G.* ; Gabriele, G.* ; Nappi, R.* ; Terranova, C.* 
2015Geophysical investigation of Pleistocene volcanism and tectonicsLoreto, M. F.* ; Pepe, Fabrizio* ; De Ritis, Riccardo* ; Ventura, Guido* ; Ferrante, V.* ; Speranza, Fabio* ; Tomini, I.* ; Sacchi, M.* 
2015Glass forming ability and crystallisation behaviour of sub-alkaline silicate meltsVetere, F.* ; iezzi, G.* ; Behrens, H.* ; Holtz, F.* ; Ventura, G.* ; Misiti, V.* ; Cavallo, A.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Dietrich, M.*