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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011Densely populated settings: the challenge of siting geological facilities for deep geothermics, CO2 and natural gas storage, and radioactive waste disposal Underground Coexistence and Synergies for a Sound Energy Mix in the Post-Kyoto EraQuattrocchi, F.* ; Mele, G.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Sciarra, A.* ; Nardi, S.* ; Boschi, E.* 
Apr-2008Development of an Italian catalogue of potential CO2storage sites: an approach from deep wells dataQuattrocchi, F.* ; Buttinelli, M.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Moia, F.* 
2018Discrete monitoring of chemical parameters in ground waters of Mt. Etna volcano: 2000–2006Giammanco, Salvatore* ; Cinti, Daniele* ; Condarelli, Domenico* ; Di Stefano, Giuseppe* ; Galli, Gianfranco* ; Longo, Vincenza* ; Quattrocchi, Fedora* ; Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Voltattorni, Nunzia* 
Apr-2014Earth is speaking: listen her! On-line questionnaire about anomalous geological and biological phenomenaSciarra, Alessandra* ; Quattrocchi, Fedora* ; Cantucci, Barbara* ; Mazzarini, Francesco* 
Jun-2006Experimental study of CO2 sequestration by ECBM recovery: the case of Sulcis coal.Pini, R. ; Ottinger, S. ; Burlini, L. ; Storti, G. ; Mazzotti, M. ; Bencini, R. ; Quattrocchi, F. 
20-Apr-2007Feasibility and validation procedure of a geochemical modeling applied to CO2Cantucci, B.* ; Montegrossi, G.* ; Tassi, F.* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Buccianti, A.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
Jun-2006Feasibility study (I stage) of CO2 geological storage by ECBM tecniques in the Sulcis Coal Province (SW Sardinia).Quattrocchi, F.* ; Bencini, R.* ; Amorino, B.* ; Basili, R.* ; Caddeo, B.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Cara, R.* ; Cauli, G.* ; Cinti, D.* ; Deidda, G.* ; Deriu, G.* ; Fadda, A.* ; Fandino, V.* ; Ferenzena, S.* ; Giannelli, A.* ; Galli, G.* ; Mazzotti, M.* ; Ottinger, S.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Pini, R.* ; Sardu, G.* ; Voltattorni, N.* 
21-Mar-2013Fluid geochemistry along the Eliki and Aigion seismogenic segments (Gulf of Corinth, Greece)Pizzino, L.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* ; Cinti, D.* ; Galli, G.* 
2014Fluid geochemistry and geothermometry in the unexploited geothermal field of the Vicano-Cimino volcanic district (central Italy)Cinti, D.* ; Tassi, F.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Bonini, M.* ; Capecchiacci, F.* ; Voltattorni, N.* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
2011Fluid geochemistry and geothermometry in the western sector of the Sabatini Volcanic District and the Tolfa Mountains (Central Italy)Cinti, D.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Tassi, F.* ; Montegrossi, G.* ; Sciarra, A.* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
2008Fluid geochemistry as indicator of tectonically-related, deep water circulations in the Sardinian Rift-Campidano Graben: new insights from environmental isotopes.Sacchi, E.* ; Zuppi, G. M.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* ; Lombardi, S.* 
2009Fluids-Faults relationships over the seismic area of Southern Apennine (Calabria region, Southern Italy): geochemical information from thermal and sulphurous water discharges.Italiano, F.* ; Bonfanti, P.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
3-May-2009Gas geochemistry of natural analogues for the studies of geological CO2 sequestrationVoltattorni, N.* ; Sciarra, A.* ; Caramanna, G.* ; Cinti, D.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
24-Mar-2011The geo-database of caprock quality and deep saline aquifers distribution for geological storage of CO2 in ItalyButtinelli, M.* ; Procesi, M.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* ; Boschi, E.* 
2014Geochemical and Geomorphological Analyses on Liquefaction Occurred During the 2012 Emilia Seismic SequenceSciarra, A.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Abu Zeid, N.* ; Vaccaro, C.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
Nov-2009Geochemical anomalies during the 2009 l’Aquila seismic sequence (Central Italy): transverse lineaments inside the activated segments?Quattrocchi, F.* ; Buttinelli, M.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Cinti, D.* ; Galli, G.* ; Gasparini, A.* ; Magno, L.* ; Pizzino, L.* ; Sciarra, A.* ; Voltattorni, N.* 
Jan-2015Geochemical Barriers in CO2 Capture and Storage Feasibility StudiesCantucci, B.* ; Montegrossi, G.* ; Buttinelli, M.* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Scrocca, D.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
Aug-2013Geochemical characterization of thermal springs in the Tete Province, Northern Mozambique.Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Quattrocchi, Fedora* ; Cinti, Daniele* 
May-1995Geochemical evolution of groundwaterof the Iblean Foreland (Southeastern Sicily) after the December 13, 1990 earthquake (M = 5.4)Dall'Aglio, M.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* ; Tersigni, S.* 
2009Geochemical modeling of CO2 storage in deep reservoirs: The Weyburn Project (Canada) case studyCantucci, B.* ; Montegrossi, G.* ; Vaselli, O.* ; Tassi, F.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* ; Perkins, E. H.*