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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2008LONG-TERM TEMPERATURE MONITORING OF VOLCANIC AREAS BY DISTRIBUTED OPTICAL FIBER SENSORSBernini, R.* ; Gravina, R.* ; Minardo, A.* ; Zeni, L.* ; Petrillo, Z.* ; Piochi, M.* ; Scarpa, R.* 
2005Magnetotelluric profiling along the crop-04 section in the Southern ApenninesPatella, D.* ; Siniscalchi, A.* ; Petrillo, Z.* ; Improta, L.* ; Di Fiore, B.* 
2019Multivariate approach to evaluate the relationship among geophysical and geochemical variables during an unrest period at Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy)Scippacercola, Sergio* ; Petrillo, Zaccaria* ; Mangiacapra, Annarita* ; Caliro, Stefano* 
2019A Perturbative Approach for Modeling Short‐Term Fluid‐Driven Ground Deformation Episodes on Volcanoes: A Case Study in the Campi Flegrei Caldera (Italy)Petrillo, Zaccaria* ; D'Auria, Luca* ; Mangiacapra, Annarita* ; Chiodini, Giovanni* ; Caliro, Stefano* ; Scippacercola, Sergio* 
2019Reservoir Structure and Hydraulic Properties of the Campi Flegrei Geothermal System Inferred by Audiomagnetotelluric, Geochemical, and Seismicity StudySiniscalchi, Agata* ; Tripaldi, Simona* ; Romano, Gerardo* ; Chiodini, Giovanni* ; Improta, Luigi* ; Petrillo, Zaccaria* ; D'Auria, Luca* ; Caliro, Stefano* ; Avino, Rosario* 
Mar-1997Self-potential, geoelectric and magnetotelluric studies in Italian active volcanic areasDi Mai, R.* ; Mauriello, P.* ; Patella, D.* ; Petrillo, Z.* ; Piscitelli, S.* ; Siniscalchi, A.* ; Veneruso, M.*