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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002S, Cl and F degassing as an indicator of volcanic dynamics: The 2001 eruption of Mount EtnaAiuppa, A.* ; Federico, C.* ; Paonita, A.* ; Pecoraino, G.* ; Valenza, M.* 
30-May-2012Sulfur isotopic compositions of fumarolic and plume gases at Mount Etna (Italy) and inferences on their magmatic sourceLiotta, M.* ; Rizzo, A.* ; Paonita, A.* ; Caracausi, A.* ; Martelli, M.* 
20-Oct-2020Sulphur behaviour and redox conditions in etnean magmas during magma differentiation and degassingGennaro, Mimma Emanuela* ; Paonita, Antonio* ; Iacono-Marziano, Giada* ; Moussallam, Yves* ; Pichavant, Michel* ; Peters, Nial* ; Martel, Caroline* 
Jul-2016Temporal variations of helium isotopes in volcanic gases quantify pre-eruptive refill and pressurization in magma reservoirs: The Mount Etna casePaonita, A.* ; Caracausi, A.* ; Martelli, M.* ; Rizzo, A.* 
2018Timescales of pre-eruptive magmatic processes at Vulcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy) during the last 1000 yearsNicotra, Eugenio* ; Giuffrida, Marisa* ; Viccaro, Marco* ; Donato, Paola* ; D'Oriano, Claudia* ; Paonita, Antonio* ; De Rosa, Rosanna* 
2010Tornillos at Vulcano: Clues to the dynamics of the hydrothermal systemMilluzzo, V.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Alparone, S.* ; Gambino, S.* ; Hellweg, M.* ; Montalto, P.* ; Cammarata, L.* ; Diliberto, I. S.* ; Gresta, S.* ; Liotta, M.* ; Paonita, A.* 
Jan-2014A two-component mantle source feeding Mt. Etna magmatism: Insights from the geochemistry of primitive magmasCorreale, A.* ; Paonita, A.* ; Martelli, M.* ; Rizzo, A.* ; Rotolo, Silvio Giuseppe* ; Corsaro, R. A.* ; Di Renzo, V.* 
29-Mar-2019A Volcanological Paradox in a Thin-Section: Large Explosive Eruptions of High-Mg Magmas Explained Through a Vein of Silicate Glass in a Serpentinized Peridotite Xenolith (Hyblean Area, Sicily)Correale, Alessandra* ; Scribano, Vittorio* ; Paonita, Antonio*