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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Like a cannonball: origin of dense spherical basaltic ejectaDi Piazza, Andrea* ; Del Bello, Elisabetta* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Vona, Alessandro* ; Alvarado, Guillermo E.* ; Masotta, Matteo* 
Nov-2018Long-term magmatic evolution reveals the beginning of a new caldera cycle at Campi FlegreiForni, Francesca* ; Degruyter, Wim* ; Bachmann, Olivier* ; De Astis, Gianfilippo* ; Mollo, Silvio* 
2012Magma chambers emplaced in carbonate substrate: petrogenesis of skarn and cumulate rocks and implication on CO2-degassing in volcanic areasDi Rocco, T.* ; Freda, C.* ; Gaeta, M.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Dallai, L.* 
2007Magma-carbonate interaction: an experimental study on ultrapotassic rocksFreda, C.* ; Gaeta, M.* ; Misiti, V.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Dolfi, D.* ; Scarlato, P.* 
2019Modeling the Crystallization and Emplacement Conditions of a Basaltic Trachyandesitic Sill at Mt. Etna VolcanoNazzari, Manuela* ; Di Stefano, Flavio* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Tecchiato, Vanni* ; Ellis, Ben* ; Bachmann, Olivier* ; Ferlito, Carmelo* 
16-Aug-2012A new biaxial apparatus integrated within a pressure vessel to test the physical properties of brittle rock: the state-of-the-artDi Stefano, Giuseppe* ; Collettini, Cristiano* ; Carpenter, Brett* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Romeo, Giovanni* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Tesei, Telemaco* ; Vinciguerra, Sergio* 
2014New petrological constraints on the last eruptive phase of the Sabatini Volcanic District (central Italy): Clues from mineralogy, geochemistry, and Sr–Nd isotopesDel Bello, E.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Scarlato, P.* ; von Quadt, A.* ; Forni, F.* ; Bachmann, O.* 
2013A new test for equilibrium based on clinopyroxene-melt pairs: Clues on the solidification temperatures of Etnean alkaline melts at post-eruptive conditionsMollo, S.* ; Putirka, K.* ; Misiti, V.* ; Soligo, M.* ; Scarlato, P.* 
2014A novel and versatile apparatus for brittle rock deformationCollettini, C.* ; Di Stefano, G.* ; Carpenter, B.* ; Scarlato, P.* ; Tesei, T.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Trippetta, F.* ; Marone, C.* ; Romeo, G.* ; Chiaraluce, L.* 
2018Olivine compositional changes in primitive magmatic skarn environments: A reassessment of divalent cation partitioning models to quantify the effect of carbonate assimilationDi Stefano, Flavio* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Nazzari, Manuela* ; Bachmann, Olivier* ; Caruso, Marco* 
2014Optimizing pre-eruptive temperature estimates in thermally and chemically zoned magma chambersMollo, S.* ; Masotta, M.* 
2016The origin of a zoned ignimbrite: Insights into the Campanian Ignimbrite magma chamber (Campi Flegrei, Italy)Forni, Francesca* ; Bachmann, Olivier* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; De Astis, Gianfilippo* ; Gelman, Sarah E* ; Ellis, Ben S* 
2013The partitioning of trace elements between clinopyroxene and trachybasaltic melt during rapid cooling and crystal growthMollo, S.* ; Blundy, J. D.* ; Iezzi, G.* ; Scarlato, P.* ; Langone, A.* 
2018Petrological constraints on the high-Mg basalts from Capo Marargiu (Sardinia, Italy): Evidence of cryptic amphibole fractionation in polybaric environmentsTecchiato, Vanni* ; Gaeta, Mario* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Bachmann, Olivier* ; Perinelli, Cristina* 
16-Nov-2017Physical and Transport Property Variations Within Carbonate-Bearing Fault Zones: Insights From the Monte Maggio Fault (Central Italy)Trippetta, F.* ; Carpenter, B. M.* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Scuderi, M. M.* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Collettini, Cristiano* 
22-Feb-2011Plagioclase–melt (dis)equilibrium due to cooling dynamics: Implications for thermometry, barometry and hygrometryMollo, S.* ; Putirka, K.* ; Iezzi, G.* ; Del Gaudio, P.* ; Scarlato, P.* 
2014Primary magmatic calcite reveals origin from crustal carbonateGozzi, F.* ; Gaeta, M.* ; Freda, C.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Di Rocco, T.* ; Marra, F.* ; Dallai, L.* ; Pack, A.* 
12-Mar-2010Radon and thoron emission from lithophysae-rich tuff under increasing deformation: An experimental studyTuccimei, P.* ; Mollo, S.* ; Vinciguerra, S.* ; Castelluccio, M.* ; Soligo, M.* 
2015Real-time setup to measure radon emission during rock deformation: implications for geochemical surveillanceTuccimei, Paola* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Soligo, M.* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio* ; Castelluccio, M.* 
2015Reconstruction of magmatic variables governing recent Etnean eruptions: Constraints from mineral chemistry and P–T–fO2–H2O modelingMollo, Silvio* ; Giacomoni, P. P.* ; Coltorti, M.* ; Ferlito, C.* ; Iezzi, Gianluca* ; Scarlato, Piergiorgio*