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2022Active degassing of crustal CO2 in areas of tectonic collision: A case study from the Pollino and Calabria sectors (Southern Italy)Randazzo, Paolo* ; Caracausi, Antonio* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; Cardellini, Carlo* ; Chiodini, Giovanni* ; Apollaro, Carmine* ; Paternoster, Michele* ; Rosiello, Angelo* ; Vespasiano, Giovanni* 
Mar-2022Different Ground Subsidence Contributions Revealed by Integrated Discussion of Sentinel-1 Datasets, Well Discharge, Stratigraphical and Geomorphological Data: The Case of the Gioia Tauro Coastal Plain (Southern Italy)Cianflone, Giuseppe* ; Vespasiano, Giovanni* ; Tolomei, Cristiano* ; De Rosa, Rosanna* ; Dominici, Rocco* ; Apollaro, Carmine* ; Walraevens, Kristine* ; Polemio, Maurizio* 
2020Fluid geochemistry in a low-enthalpy geothermal field along a sector of southern Apennines chain (Italy)Apollaro, Carmine* ; Caracausi, Antonio* ; Paternoster, Michele* ; Randazzo, P* ; Aiuppa, Alessandro* ; De Rosa, Rosanna* ; Fuoco, Ilaria* ; Mongelli, Giovanni* ; Muto, Francesco* ; Vanni, E* ; Vespasiano, G.* 
Oct-2023Fluid-mineral dynamics at the Rincón de la Vieja volcano—hydrothermal system (Costa Rica) inferred by the study of major, minor and rare earth elements in the hyperacid crater lakePappaterra, Sabrina* ; Inguaggiato, Claudio* ; Rouwet, Dmitri* ; Levresse, Gilles* ; Peiffer, Loic* ; Apollaro, Carmine* ; Mora-Amador, Raul* ; Ramírez-Umaña, Carlos* ; Gonzalez, Gino* ; Schiavo, Benedetto* ; Kretzschmar, Thomas Gunter* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* 
2023Hydrogeochemical and isotopic characterization of the Gioia Tauro coastal Plain (Calabria - southern Italy): A multidisciplinary approach for a focused management of vulnerable strategic systemsVespasiano, Giovanni* ; Cianflone, Giuseppe* ; Marini, Luigi* ; De Rosa, R* ; Polemio, Maurizio* ; Walraevens, Kristine* ; Vaselli, O* ; Pizzino, Luca* ; Cinti, Daniele* ; Capecchiacci, Francesco* ; Barca, Donatella* ; Dominici, Rocco* ; Apollaro, Carmine* 
Jun-2014Hydrogeological model of a complex coastal aquifers: the case of Sibari Plain (Southern Italy)De Rosa, R.* ; Romanazzi, A.* ; Apollaro, C.* ; Cianflone, G.* ; Vespasiano, G.* ; Dominici, R.* ; Molinari, P.* ; Polemio, M.* 
Nov-2021Hydrostratigraphic Framework and Physicochemical Status of Groundwater in the Gioia Tauro Coastal Plain (Calabria—Southern Italy)Cianflone, Giuseppe* ; Vespasiano, Giovanni* ; De Rosa, Rosanna* ; Dominici, Rocco* ; Apollaro, Carmine* ; Vaselli, Orlando* ; Pizzino, Luca* ; Tolomei, Cristiano* ; Capecchiacci, Francesco* ; Polemio, Maurizio* 
20-Jun-2020Mobility of REE from a hyperacid brine to secondary minerals precipitated in a volcanic hydrothermal system: Kawah Ijen crater lake (Java, Indonesia)Inguaggiato, Claudio* ; Pappaterra, Sabrina* ; Peiffer, Loic* ; Apollaro, Carmine* ; Brusca, Lorenzo* ; De Rosa, Rosanna* ; Rouwet, Dmitri* ; Caudron, Corentin* ; Suparjan, null* 
7-Jul-2023A multidisciplinary geochemical approach to geothermal resource exploration: The Spezzano Albanese thermal system, southern ItalyVespasiano, Giovanni* ; Marini, Luigi* ; Muto, Francesco* ; Auqué, Luis F* ; De Rosa, Rosanna* ; Jiménez, Jon* ; Gimeno, Maria J* ; Pizzino, Luca* ; Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Cianflone, Giuseppe* ; Cipriani, Mara* ; Guido, Adriano* ; Fuoco, Ilaria* ; Barca, Donatella* ; Dotsika, Elissavet* ; Bloise, Andrea* ; Apollaro, Carmine* 
2022Through a glass, darkly: Trying to understand geothermal systems by means of geothermometers and fCO2-indicatorsMarini, Luigi* ; Procesi, Monia* ; Apollaro, Carmine*