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2022Bayesian Monitoring of Seismo-Volcanic DynamicsBueno Rodriguez, Angel* ; Benítez, Carmen* ; Zuccarello, Luciano* ; De Angelis, Silvio* ; Ibanez, Jesús M* 
23-Sep-2021Introduction to a community dataset from an infrasound array experiment at Mt. Etna, ItalyDe Angelis, Silvio* ; Zuccarello, Luciano* ; Rapisarda, Salvatore* ; Minio, Vittorio* 
2020PICOSS: Python Interface for the Classification of Seismic SignalsBueno, Angel* ; Zuccarello, Luciano* ; Díaz-Moreno, Alejandro* ; Woollam, Jack* ; Titos, Manuel* ; Benítez, Carmen* ; Álvarez, Isaac* ; Prudencio, Janire* ; De Angelis, Silvio* 
31-May-2019Recent Developments and Applications of Acoustic Infrasound to Monitor Volcanic EmissionsDe Angelis, Silvio* ; Diaz-Moreno, Alejandro* ; Zuccarello, Luciano* 
31-Oct-2015Seismic hydraulic fracture migration originated by successive deep magma pulses: The 2011–2013 seismic series associated to the volcanic activity of El Hierro IslandDíaz-Moreno, A.* ; Ibáñez, J. M.* ; De Angelis, S.* ; García-Yeguas, A.* ; Prudencio, J.* ; Morales, J.* ; Tuvè, T.* ; García, L.* 
2020Uncertainty in Detection of Volcanic Activity Using Infrasound Arrays: Examples From Mt. Etna, ItalyDe Angelis, Silvio* ; Haney, Matthew M* ; Lyons, John J* ; Wech, Aaron* ; Fee, David* ; Díaz-Moreno, Alejandro* ; Zuccarello, Luciano* 
13-Dec-2019VINEDA—Volcanic INfrasound Explosions Detector AlgorithmBueno, Angel* ; Diaz-Moreno, Alejandro* ; Alvarez, Isaac* ; De la Torre, Angel* ; Lamb, Oliver* ; Zuccarello, Luciano* ; De Angelis, Silvio* 
2019Volume Flow Rate Estimation for Small Explosions at Mt. Etna, Italy, From Acoustic Waveform InversionDíaz-Moreno, A.* ; Iezzi, Alexandra* ; Lamb, Oliver* ; Fee, David* ; Kim, K* ; Zuccarello, Luciano* ; De Angelis, S.*