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20203-D shear wave velocity model of the lithosphere below the Sardinia–Corsica continental block based on Rayleigh-wave phase velocitiesMagrini, Fabrizio* ; Diaferia, Giovanni* ; Fadel, Islam* ; Cammarano, Fabio* ; van der Meijde, Mark* ; Boschi, Lapo* 
2020Arrival-angle effects on two-receiver measurements of phase velocityMagrini, Fabrizio* ; Diaferia, Giovanni* ; Boschi, Lapo* ; Cammarano, Fabio* 
2020Erratum: On seismic ambient noise cross-correlation and surface-wave attenuationBoschi, Lapo* ; Magrini, Fabrizio* ; Cammarano, Fabio* ; van der Meijde, Mark* 
Apr-2000Examples of application of electrical tomographies and radar profiling to cultural heritageCammarano, F.* ; Di Fiore, B.* ; Mauriello, P.* ; Patella, D.* 
Jul-2019Inferring Crustal Temperatures Beneath Italy From Joint Inversion of Receiver Functions and Surface WavesDiaferia, Giovanni* ; Cammarano, Fabio* ; Piana Agostinetti, Nicola* ; Gao, Chao* ; Lekic, Vedran* ; Molinari, Irene* ; Boschi, Lapo* 
Aug-1998Integration of high resolution geophysical methods. Detection of shallow depth bodies of archaeological interestCammarano, F.* ; Mauriello, P.* ; Patella, D.* ; Piro, S.* ; Rosso, F.* ; Versino, L.* 
6-Aug-2020Local earthquakes detection: A benchmark dataset of 3-component seismograms built on a global scaleMagrini, Fabrizio* ; Jozinović, Dario* ; Cammarano, Fabio* ; Michelini, Alberto* ; Boschi, Lapo* 
12-May-2021Rayleigh-wave attenuation across the conterminous United States in the microseism frequency bandMagrini, Fabrizio* ; Boschi, Lapo* ; Gualtieri, Lucia* ; Lekic, Vedran* ; Cammarano, Fabio* 
2017Seismic Signature of the Continental Crust: What Thermodynamics Says. An Example From the Italian PeninsulaDiaferia, Giovanni* ; Cammarano, Fabio* 
9-Sep-2022Shear‐Velocity Structure and Dynamics Beneath the Sicily Channel and Surrounding Regions of the Central Mediterranean Inferred From Seismic Surface WavesAgius, Matthew R.* ; Magrini, Fabrizio* ; Diaferia, Giovanni* ; Kästle, Emanuel David* ; Cammarano, Fabio* ; Funiciello, Francesca* ; van der Meijde, Mark* 
Mar-2022Surface‐Wave Tomography of the Central‐Western Mediterranean: New Insights Into the Liguro‐Provençal and Tyrrhenian BasinsMagrini, Fabrizio* ; Diaferia, Giovanni* ; El-Sharkawy, Amr* ; Cammarano, Fabio* ; van der Meijde, Mark* ; Meier, Thomas* ; Boschi, Lapo* 
2021T-Phases Observed at the Ionian Seafloor: Seismic Source and Bathymetric EffectsDe Caro, Mariagrazia* ; Montuori, Caterina* ; Frugoni, Francesco* ; Monna, Stephen* ; Cammarano, Fabio* ; Beranzoli, Laura* 
2019Thermal structure of a vanishing subduction system. An example of seismically-derived crustal temperature along the Italian peninsulaDiaferia, Giovanni* ; Cammarano, Fabio* ; Faccenna, Claudio* 
6-Dec-2005Towards Inverting Seismic Waveform Data for Temperature and Composition in the Earth's Upper MantleCammarano, F.* ; Romanowicz, B.* ; Stixrude, L.* ; Lithgow-Bertelloni, C.*